Monday, March 24, 2014

Second Semester

WELLLLL I am a terrible person and suck at updating things/ writing. YAY. Anyways. I digress. So anyways, there is exactly 3 weeks until I come home and am away from BYUI for a little short of 2 years! Its super crazy. Well actually I won' t be coming home just yet, I'll be taking a trip to New York and other church history cites first. But thats besides the point. This semester has gone by crazy fast and has been so different. It is so insane to think how much my life has changed not only since December/January with all my school friends changing or leaving on missions or whatnot, but also how my life has COMPLETELY 180'd since last August. It is crazy and kinda scary, I'll admit. I sort of feel like I'm in this, I don't know, twilight zone I guess you could call it? Its weird. Just like this dream state where nothing stays the same for more than a few days. I'm constantly doing things but at the same time feels like I'm doing nothing at all and the world is just passing me by. It's confusing to think about haha.

So yeah this is super late news but yeah the seahawks won the Super Bowl which made all of my friends happy but before the game there was this in the local Albertsons

Oh you know just a casual trip to Albersons. Lets just say I miss driving. haha

So earlier in the semester, my friends and I decided to play a game of assassin. As I was being attacked in my apartment I ran toward the closest safe spot but ran into the threshold of a door and it resulted in this cut and bruise.

My roommate and I were trying to hide from my other roommate in the laundry room and I was like hmm I wonder if I could fit in the dryer. Apparently I can. Yeah I know its kinda dangerous but it was a one time thing. I promise haha

My work load seems to have been a lot easier this semester. I don't know, maybe its because I am not taking "Dramatic Structure and Analysis" for a class. (Yes the class is as nasty as it sounds... but I would like to point out that I did [surprisingly] finish the class with a 'B'). Nevertheless my days seem long and boring sometimes and would rather sit at home in my apartment and do nothing (for the record I don't... most of the time). Maybe its because its winter and I'm not motivated or maybe its because all my friends that motivated me to do things (or in some cases dragged me to) all left on missions or just aren't around as much. Somehow everything seems so distant. Ah well. Who knows. But speaking of the weather... I SWEAR. This must have been the weirdest, most mild winter Rexburg has EVER had. Seriously. Everyone was like "oh... You are going to FREEEEEEZE! I pity your soul. Have fun in the cold!" But uhhhh PLOT TWIST! The snow literally all melted like the second week we were all up here again. You're tellin' me thats weird. It sometimes has snowed maybe once or twice a week tops but doesn't stick either. And sometimes we have cold days (like the other day it was frapping windy and cold) but its not THAT bad. Of course I'm saying this because I went without a jacket and thats probably a contributing factor to why I've been sick this week. Go Susan. Anyways thats besides the point. But heaven forbid there is green grass growing all around campus and even flowers planted in some places! Hallelujah! I'm going to take this chance to knock on wood because naturally its going to be a blizzard tomorrow if I don't...

Anyways, moving on. One of my favorite parts of this semester has been my snowboarding "class". Its way fun cause every saturday we get to go up to Grand Targhee (a ski resort in Wyoming) to go snowboarding for the day. It is so much fun cause the snow here is SOOO AMAZING. It is light and fluffy and makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud. Its crazy. Way different than sticky slushy california snow. Also, on a clear day you can hike up a certain part of the resort called Mary's and there is the most unbelievably gorgeous view of the Tetons. Oh man. It is so worth the hike up with a snowboard. It is way to beautiful and words and pictures do not do it justice. 

Me at the top of Mary's

The Tetons

The view from the top of Mary's

Another fun, but maybe not so fun about this semester has been getting everything in line and straightened out for my mission. The clothes shopping was a blast, don't get me wrong. But the whole getting a passport and visa by myself by walking around town to get the things i need is A PAIN AND A HALF. I swear. But its all good. It will all work out. It's super crazy to think that I will report to the MTC in a little over 70 days. It is so exciting but a little scary. But mostly exciting. 

The day I got a package from my cousin Carrie complete with a name tag and a letter from Matt. It was a good day :)

What I'm going to look like in a little more than 70 days.


And heres a few just misc. pictures:

We made Sarah a wedding dress (made out of Toilet paper)

For FHE one week our "sisters" didn't show up cause they were in Idaho Falls so we TP'd their room and stole all of their left shoes. 

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