Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Short Week

So i dont really have time to write much so ill write next week more but nothing really happened this week anyways. We had a mission get together and traveleda lot but other than that not much! 

love you all!

love hermana ostler

The Many Verbs in Hermana Ostler's Mission


making arroz chaufa for the zone

Para estar con los amigos

the zone after eating arroz chaufa


playing risk


half the zone getting icecream


a dog sleeping on the train


tramites! passing through an old area


visiting the offices


our mission get together yesterday


MTC Reunion


mission soccer tournament

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Spirit of God in Córdoba

Wow this weekend. I cant even. ok wait ill start earlier around mid week. So this week we went on divisions and it was so much fun. But it was a bit crazy. It was full of dirt roads, run down houses, and bikes. YES BIKES. I went prosylighting on a BIKE. Weirdest experience of my life. Yes i have pictures to prove it and yes i was still in a skirt. WIERD. Basically it strenghtened my testimony of the fact that every group of missionaries that comes in just gets better and better and more and more prepared. 

But on to this weekend cause i cant hold it in anymore. haha I GOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DEDICATION OF THE CORDOBA TEMPLE! ahhhhhhhh. It was so great. Cant even begin. We were able to see the broadcast of the youth celebration saturday night and then the dedication sunday morning. Oh what an experience. President Uchtdorf came to dedicate it and wow. He made a comment in the youth celebration (that generaly talks about the history of the area) and he made a comment of the Argentine flag that i loved. he said that he recognizes the "sol de mayo" on the flag (sun of may) and that it is now may and that the temple is like a new light in the country and in the world. 
I know that temples are the house of the lord and that we can be sealed as a family in the house of God so that we can be with our loved ones forever! I love the temple!

hermana ostler

In the "Bike" "Zone" with her Hermanas

yes i was a bike missionary for a day hahaha 

zone selfie. haha

 after a zone conference

birthday of an hermana in our zone

 the hermanas

 fail jump picture
 my comp and i arent we cute?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

Well now having completed my second and last skype call home, I officially
feel old in the mission! Where has the time been going?

After the initial shell shock of being out of the city, this week has been
great. My companion is so awesome! She has taught me a ton already and we
have such a fun time together.

On the list of fun things that happened this week is we went to the
hospital! Whooo. Nothing big. Really. We were just a bit concerned about
something and the mission told us to go to the hospital (its the safest) to
get it looked at.

Other than that in the last week we have had 2 sleepovers with the other 2
sets of hermanas in the zone. always a party. basically due to travel and
buses and such we have to have a sleep over in our apartment for any zone
get together. Whoooo. Party haha but its a good time. Loving life :)

anyways thats about it for now:)
hermana ostler

Hermana Ostler's Life in THE ZONE

the zone

that time we went to the hospital

hermanas shoved in an elavator


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Far Far Away. El Campo

SURPRISE! I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED! And to yes. Very very far away. and when i say campo i dont mean like the mission field campo i mean like the in the middle of no where campo. I guess i was asking for it when i always felt bad for the missionaries who had to travel so far for meetings from "zona zarate" but now im that missionary. AND I GAVE MY HIJITA UP FOR ADOPTION! So sad. But its good.
My new comp is... yes, finally, ANOTHER LATINA!YESSSSSSS! Her name is HErmana Vargas and she is from Ecuador. She actually arrived here with me! 
THis last week in versailles has been pretty great, yet sad saying good bye to people in the case that i got transferred. This last transfer has been a great one and now im ditching the big city in capital and heading for provincia in the area zárate 3! 

hope the week goes great! 
hermana ostler

The Past, Present, and Future!

The Past

Flashback! On the bus from the MTC to the SLC Airport to go to Argentina. (July, 2014)

 elder danneman and i (he was in my district in the mtc then in my zone this last transfer)

mis hijitas!

The Present

leaving versailles

the district

as i hear everyone complain about summer comming we got winter... therefore we got caught in an unforseen storm when we went on divisions haha

Flashback! The day Susan's group arrived in Argentina. (July, 2014) Her current companion is standing next to her!

The Future

me and my new comp