Saturday, October 25, 2014

Miracle Baptism

Letter on Monday, October 20th

Wow so this week. I just feel sooooo blessed with so many miracles. Seriously I cannot explain. So background information. In this mission we can have "miracle baptisms" which are basically when you find someone who has already been to church at least 2 times then teach and baptize them basically in a week. In this ward, they want at least 2 sundays notice so they can announce the baptism a week before then the day of in church.
WELL. My companion at the end of last transfer had found this family who were less active but whose daughter is 9 and wasnt baptized. So we decided to teach them and see where it went because the mom thought that her daughter wasnt mature enough or knew enough to be ready for baptism. So we had been teaching her for about a week and had her date for the 2nd of november when her mom said that they were going to be out of town that day and wanted to move the baptism back. so long story short she asked if we could do it that saturday, 3 days from then! They had been coming to church off and on for the past 6 months or so so she had the attendance and knew everything, so we said of course! 
The next miracle was the bishop who said that we could break both the big "rules" of the ward and have the baptism with just about no notice and on a saturday. The baptism went off without a hitch and the dad who almost never comes to church came for that baptism and confirmation in church the next day. i will never forget the happiness i saw when i looked behind me to see their family together sitting in church right after her confirmation. FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER! 
I cant really think of anything else that was big that really happened besides the fact that yesterday was mothers day down here... makes sense i mean its spring right? All i know is that im so happy and soooo blessed! The lord is good! And the church is true, the book is blue. 
OH. Fun story. So we went looking for a less active who is down here to study (hes studying to be a chef and has no time to go to church but other than that is active) and hes from mexico. So we were talking to him and he was like yeah i have a friend here from school thats from the us. naturally we respond with you should introduce us! So he says ok and goes to get his friend and comes back with 2. one from venezuela and one from tennessee. Theyre both awesome. So we talk about this that and the other then share a message with them about the first vision. Now this person lives on the biggest and busiest (and loudest) street in our area so even though were just inside the door we can hear the traffic. I recounted the first vision and half way through everything just got quiet and stayed quiet until my companion and i had finished testifing of the truthfulness of the first vision. It was so cool and the spirit was so strong. THIS MESSAGE IS SO POWERFUL! Wow it was great. 
So yeah that was basically my week. 
Love you all!
hermana ostler

la gran mision!

 la gran mision!
 me my comp and hermana lines :)
the view from our apartment


Tuesday, October 14th
Ok so im almost out of time so im going to make this short:
1. NUÑEZ IS AWESOME! I love Capital. So much. oh man. Im in a pretty nice part of it so its really safe :) the work is going great here and were working so hard! So excited for this transfer
2. My companion has strep throat! Yeah thats been fun. A lot of time in the apartment.
3. Our phone dropped in water! Yeah satan is real. We started to have a lot of success and then he sent this sickness to my comp and our phone submerged in water.... all during the weekend while it was time to confirm plans for people to come to church. What are you going to do?
4. random note. the sketchy colectivos we take everywhere have horns that sound like the horn sound effects in autopia in disneyland.... yep.
Welp pday is almost over so bye!
love you all!
hermana ostler

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hola from the Mission President

Here we are doing a Sister's P Day at the Mission home. We love your daughters very much. This group of Angels is causing miracles in Buenos Aires. Thanks for your sacrifice.

Aquí estamos haciendo un día de preparación con todas las Hermanas en la casa de la misión.  Amamos a sus hijas. Son un grupo de ángeles.  Están causando milagros en Buenos Aires. Gracias por su sacrificio. 

Presidente y Hermana Ayre

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Temple and Talent Show and General Conference, OH MY!

Wow. This weekend. Just wow. Has been so great. I cant even describe. So first off our mission had the opportunity to go to the temple this weekend. Oh it was soooo good. It was my first "trip" outside of San Fernando, and out of the mission! It still amazes me how much love you feel in the temple, love of god and of your fellow men. After that we went to a trainers meeting because Hermana Scarlett is training a new missionary which means that I am now in a different area! Surprise! I am officially in Capital in an area called Nuñez. I am so excited to be here! Its super awesome as far as i can tell. The only down side is that I had JUST chosen Boca for my soccer team like this week and the field where River (the other big and opposing team here in Argentina) plays is in this area.... Then after that instead of taking the bus back, we hitched a ride with the office couple and office elders to have lunch then back to San Fernando. Lunch was sooo good. I got a double cheese burger with bacon that was about as big as my face. Oh man. American Food. And the company was great. 

After we got back from the temple we had about 30 minutes to change out our things and go back to the church for the ward mission activity which was a talent show! It was so much fun. Hermana Scarlett and I sang the EFY medley (in english) with Elder Valerdi, who is one of the APs and is from Puebla, Mexico. And he sang in english too! It was so good! We were so proud of him! Hermana Lines (who is the sister in the office couple companionship) accompanied us. It was such a great night and a great experience. 

So that was all on friday. Wow. Then for the next 2 days we had GENERAL CONFERENCE! Whoever told me a few years ago that general conference is basically like the super bowl for missionaries, was 110% correct. Holy cow. They broadcasted it in spanish but I ended up watching it in english so that i could get more out of it. So basically every session we had between 5 and 15 missionaries crammed in the mission offices around a computer watching in english. It was so much fun. Especially the saturday sessions. Everytime someone said something about missionary work it everyone went WILD. HAha it was such a fun experience. But the talks. Holy cow. So inspiring and so inspired. If you havent seen them, go watch them! THEY ARE SO GREAT.

I feel like there was just so much more that i wanted to say about this weekend but i forgot it all.... so yeah that was my weekend in a nutshell :)
Hope everyone is well!

Hermana Ostler

Adios, San Fernando

my view from my apartment in san fernando

 leaving san fernando! a bitter sweet!

my tanlines are bad and its not even summer yet!

Out and About with Peeps


waiting for the train after lunch

even in argentina on a stage in a gym in a church, i still have to make the curtains and lights and stage look nice. even if no one cares or notices... oops. haha (this was for the talent show)

 singing in the talent show

 last zone meeting this transfer

MTC friends :)

wow so for conference we had 2 zones attending in our chapel (the stake center) and so in between conferences on sunday we had a "baptism" but a baptism where 14 people were baptized! It was such a spiritual experience. I was in charge of helping the women into and out of the font and squigeeing the floor so i was there watching them be baptized and the spirit was sooo strong. I can only imagine the stories from the book of mormon and the bible where hundreds were baptized. it was a special day

Temple Trip

on the colectivo to the temple!

 Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I the Lord am with thee

Wow this week. I think the overall biggest thing that I have learned in my mission thus far is that the Lord is ALWAYS with us. This was especially manifest this week. Even when things fall through, or arent going your way, or are just plain bad, the Lord is always there. And it is manifest in miracles. We recieve and are blessed by SOO many miracles EVERY DAY! And we dont even realize it a lot of the time! Some of them are small tender mercies, but miracles none the less. 
For example: this week we were coming home from our lunch appointment to our apartment to finish our planning. And all the sudden, it started to POUR. Like the street basically looked like the Grizzly Rapids ride at disneyland. We obviously didnt plain on it raining and didnt have any umbrellas, jackets, nothing. So we continued to run to our house, getting soaked in the meantime when it eventually started to hail. We ran for cover under a bus stop and this man turned around to look at who was frantically talking about the rain, and IT WAS OUR GOLDEN INVESTIGATIOR who had basically dropped off the face of the planet. He said he had lost his cell phone and was too busy to take the lessons anymore and couldnt cumplir... (ok sorry i forgot what this word means in english... someone please translate hehe....) with some of the commandments. Such a tender mercy for me because it gave me some closure. THat was one of the many miracles this week. 

The other big thing that I have learned this week is how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change your life. We have been working with a kid who is 15 years old. He has told us that he has done some things that hes not proud of and wants to change his life around. HES ONLY 15! But so we have been teaching him and helping him and man, the joy is so sweet! You can see the hope that he sees in the lord and in how he REALLY understands how faith in the lord, repentance, baptism for the remission of sins, recieving the gift of the holy ghost to guide us, and enduring to the end of our lives in this new path can help him. 
Something else is how important healing is. My companion and I talked about in our district meeting about our purpose as missionaries and we shared a scripture that just made everything click so much. Its the story about how jesus healed the man who couldnt walk, but first he forgave him of his sins. He did this first because he knew that thats the healing that REALLY matters. That is the only way we can return to our heavenly father to live with him and our families forever. It is the healing that everyone is entitled to, thanks to the atonement. He KNEW that that was the most important. 

We can feel the Lord in our lives if we let him in. He is our friend. He is our brother and HE LIVES! If you give yourself to him, he will work through you and make you better than you could ever imagine! Humble yourself and look to Him.
I love you all, but He loves you more!

con todo mi amor,
Hermana Ostler

Rain with People

 the down pour this week

 our district
 lunch with some members

 Letters! :D


 our baptism last week

one more from the baptism