Saturday, October 25, 2014

Miracle Baptism

Letter on Monday, October 20th

Wow so this week. I just feel sooooo blessed with so many miracles. Seriously I cannot explain. So background information. In this mission we can have "miracle baptisms" which are basically when you find someone who has already been to church at least 2 times then teach and baptize them basically in a week. In this ward, they want at least 2 sundays notice so they can announce the baptism a week before then the day of in church.
WELL. My companion at the end of last transfer had found this family who were less active but whose daughter is 9 and wasnt baptized. So we decided to teach them and see where it went because the mom thought that her daughter wasnt mature enough or knew enough to be ready for baptism. So we had been teaching her for about a week and had her date for the 2nd of november when her mom said that they were going to be out of town that day and wanted to move the baptism back. so long story short she asked if we could do it that saturday, 3 days from then! They had been coming to church off and on for the past 6 months or so so she had the attendance and knew everything, so we said of course! 
The next miracle was the bishop who said that we could break both the big "rules" of the ward and have the baptism with just about no notice and on a saturday. The baptism went off without a hitch and the dad who almost never comes to church came for that baptism and confirmation in church the next day. i will never forget the happiness i saw when i looked behind me to see their family together sitting in church right after her confirmation. FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER! 
I cant really think of anything else that was big that really happened besides the fact that yesterday was mothers day down here... makes sense i mean its spring right? All i know is that im so happy and soooo blessed! The lord is good! And the church is true, the book is blue. 
OH. Fun story. So we went looking for a less active who is down here to study (hes studying to be a chef and has no time to go to church but other than that is active) and hes from mexico. So we were talking to him and he was like yeah i have a friend here from school thats from the us. naturally we respond with you should introduce us! So he says ok and goes to get his friend and comes back with 2. one from venezuela and one from tennessee. Theyre both awesome. So we talk about this that and the other then share a message with them about the first vision. Now this person lives on the biggest and busiest (and loudest) street in our area so even though were just inside the door we can hear the traffic. I recounted the first vision and half way through everything just got quiet and stayed quiet until my companion and i had finished testifing of the truthfulness of the first vision. It was so cool and the spirit was so strong. THIS MESSAGE IS SO POWERFUL! Wow it was great. 
So yeah that was basically my week. 
Love you all!
hermana ostler

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