Saturday, October 11, 2014

Temple and Talent Show and General Conference, OH MY!

Wow. This weekend. Just wow. Has been so great. I cant even describe. So first off our mission had the opportunity to go to the temple this weekend. Oh it was soooo good. It was my first "trip" outside of San Fernando, and out of the mission! It still amazes me how much love you feel in the temple, love of god and of your fellow men. After that we went to a trainers meeting because Hermana Scarlett is training a new missionary which means that I am now in a different area! Surprise! I am officially in Capital in an area called Nuñez. I am so excited to be here! Its super awesome as far as i can tell. The only down side is that I had JUST chosen Boca for my soccer team like this week and the field where River (the other big and opposing team here in Argentina) plays is in this area.... Then after that instead of taking the bus back, we hitched a ride with the office couple and office elders to have lunch then back to San Fernando. Lunch was sooo good. I got a double cheese burger with bacon that was about as big as my face. Oh man. American Food. And the company was great. 

After we got back from the temple we had about 30 minutes to change out our things and go back to the church for the ward mission activity which was a talent show! It was so much fun. Hermana Scarlett and I sang the EFY medley (in english) with Elder Valerdi, who is one of the APs and is from Puebla, Mexico. And he sang in english too! It was so good! We were so proud of him! Hermana Lines (who is the sister in the office couple companionship) accompanied us. It was such a great night and a great experience. 

So that was all on friday. Wow. Then for the next 2 days we had GENERAL CONFERENCE! Whoever told me a few years ago that general conference is basically like the super bowl for missionaries, was 110% correct. Holy cow. They broadcasted it in spanish but I ended up watching it in english so that i could get more out of it. So basically every session we had between 5 and 15 missionaries crammed in the mission offices around a computer watching in english. It was so much fun. Especially the saturday sessions. Everytime someone said something about missionary work it everyone went WILD. HAha it was such a fun experience. But the talks. Holy cow. So inspiring and so inspired. If you havent seen them, go watch them! THEY ARE SO GREAT.

I feel like there was just so much more that i wanted to say about this weekend but i forgot it all.... so yeah that was my weekend in a nutshell :)
Hope everyone is well!

Hermana Ostler

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