Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

So this is going to be a really short letter. Sorry in advance. Haha

This week. Wow has been a blur. I dont even remember half the things that happened this week. What i do remember is that we have dropped at least one of our investigators every day this week starting on wednesday. Crazy. Were a little stressed out about it but we know the lord will bless us with more people who are more prepared to hear our message. :) WE ARE EXCITED FOR MIRACLES! 

Its crazy to think its almost the end of the year! We are sure to see miracles, and we have been every day. I am always shocked about how much the lords hand is in this work! He truely knows every one of us individually and what we need at every momoment in our lives. Nothing is a coincidence.

I love you all and i am thankful for you all this thanksgiving :) 

hermana ostler

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Im going to be a murderer!

So this week went by SUPER fast. Dont really remember much cause it was just all a blur. Haha 

So i guess the first thing is that we had a member of the 70 and the quorum of the 12 come to visit. THEY WERE AWESOME TALKS! Wow. Elder Christoffersons talk was great and I learned so much about the atonement, repentance, baptism, and the sacrement and how they are all connected! It was amazing!

The other big thing is that we had a baptism this week! She was such a miracle and we love her so much! I honestly believe that she was waiting for hermana christensen and I because we are such great friends! Were so proud of her and excited for her family! Her four year old after the baptism was like, I want to get baptized too! after the service. It was so beautiful and we were so happy.

And lastly to explain the title, HERMANA CHRISTENSEN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER! AHHH. Were so excited. And this being her last I will be "killing" her because she will be "dying" here in Nuñez. 

Anyways thats all folks!
Love you all!
hermana ostler

Hermana Ostler with her Peeps

 baptism! we love her so much!
 before leaving for church :)

with elder valerdi at despedida! he goes home this transfer! :(

Hermana Ostler Around Town

 i was super tempted to buy this shirt. it says california boss but the "boss" part is hard to see cause its bedazzled haha

 Christmas selfie! yes christmas is different here but there are some stores that still have the same!

we were on the train coming home from despedida and there was this guy who was just drawing people and he ended up drawing me! i didnt even know! (im the one on the far right)

we went to see the river last pday :)

 a building in "la UBA" (the university of buenos aires)

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Wow i have just been FLOORED with how much we have been blessed this week. I cant even describe it and I am still in shock! We have met sooo many AMAZING people this week. Man just the people here are awesome. 

But anyways, our big day was on thursday. Literally i dont think i have ever been so blatantly blessed in my life at one time. Seriously I felt like we had some magic going that nothing could go wrong! It was amazing.
It started off with weekly planning that went a lot longer than I usually like because it feels like we have none of the day left after that but anyways we left the apartment after that and we had not been out more that 3 minutes when someone runs up to us and starts talking to us. They said they had been looking for a church to go to thats like a tight knit community and to learn more about Christ and the scriptures. We were just in shock because she was basically describing our church and the message that we share. We talked with her a bit more and set up a return appointment.
After that just more and more people just came up to us and started talking to us. We just were in complete shock because this had never happened to us and whenever we had talked to people they never had wanted anything. We then went to a less active members house who wasnt there and started teaching his wife who wanted to learn more and go to church! Then a whole bunch more happened that day that would just take way to long to type out and probably would get boring for most people. BUT SERIOUSLY MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Ok and the last thing is so were teaching this lady who is the mom of a member. SHE IS SOOO GREAT and WE LOVE THEIR FAMILY. Theyre peruvian and they live in this house with 3 or 4 family members and their kids. So basically theres a ton of people who live there and they have all been listening to the missionaries off and on for just about forever but only 2 of them are members. So were teaching the mom and she is just getting everyone to become interested and start to listen to us! Shes the cutest and we will start talking about her baptism and shes like oh yeah and (s)hes getting baptised with me too (pointing to the nearest family member then calls them to listen to what were sharing). Its so great. We can feel the lords love for this family so much and we just want them to be together forever!

Ok i think thats all for now. OH BUT WE MET SOMEONE WHOS ARGENTINE BUT HAS LIVED IN THE US FOR MOST OF HIS LIFE AND HE GAVE US A PB&J SANDWICH!!!!!!! AHHHHHH. the small things in life. (for those of you who dont know there is basically no peanut butter or jelly like they make in the states down here although i do have a secret stash that im dragging out to last my whole mission) so basically for those of you whos mom makes you a pb&j every day for lunch and youre sick of it, savor it because when you come to argentina you wont have any. :)

Anyways thats all. Well not really. Cause a mission is awesome and so much happened this week but thats all im going to say about this week. haha love you all! have a good week!

hermana ostler :)

Pueblos, Personas, y PB & J

the hermana entrenadoras (training sisters) area. you can see the villa in the way back. the big long brick building thing

our area as seen from our roof at night. the big bright light that isnt the moon is the cancha de river. aka the river soccer teams stadium (they were playing that night. we could tell from the yelling outside)

 secret pretty places in argentina :)

my companion and a member and her son at a lesson

 hi were cute

Our zone this transfer :)


OH BUT WE MET SOMEONE WHOS ARGENTINE BUT HAS LIVED IN THE US FOR MOST OF HIS LIFE AND HE GAVE US A PB&J SANDWICH!!!!!!! AHHHHHH. the small things in life. (for those of you who dont know there is basically no peanut butter or jelly like they make in the states down here although i do have a secret stash that im dragging out to last my whole mission) so basically for those of you whos mom makes you a pb&j every day for lunch and youre sick of it, savor it because when you come to argentina you wont have any. :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Heat Miser and Cool Miser (actually Snow Miser) are obviously fighting.

Alright alright so you know how last week i said that it was getting really hot here? 

my companion taking a selfie... can you see the beads of sweat?

yeah. i take it ALL back. haha with the acception of monday and tuesday, it has rained all week. And by rained i mean poured. haha But hey im not complaining. Its better than the heat anyday. Especially because even though missionaries rarely want to go out and work on a rainy day, we´re always blessed for it because as my companion says, the rain brings miracles! (and seriously it does)

us in the elevator the next day when it started to rain...

Just for kicks here are some funny things that happened this week. So down here we take these things called colectivos everywhere that we dont walk. Basically theyre city buses. And usually there are quite a few people who are trying to get on them so they have to stop for a little while while the line of people gets on. So this week, at least 3 times I have been at the end of the line and the BUS STARTS TO PULL AWAY (the doors are still open, were in argentina they dont care) so im sitting there and have to take a few steps and jump into the moving bus! Makes for fun in the rain, never a dull moment hahaha 
The other thing is the other night I was on the phone with the district leader recounting our day and i was just chilling and started talking about the 2 people who we had visited in this short period of time. So i said "y despues hablamos con dos personajes." my companion bursted out laughing to which i realized what i had said. dos personajes means 2 personages in english, and i had subconciously started using phrases from joseph smiths account of the first vision. I really meant to say dos personas. But yeah. I dont think my district leader caught on. 
Man this week we have seen so many miracles. But a lot of the times these miracles arent things that are big or maybe to other people would be, but they are things that you cant deny happened because the hand of the lord was in it. It makes me so happy to think that this is His work and that I am only doing what he wants me to and as such i am being lead where he wants me to go. Besides it is by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass. The small miracles eventually turn into one big great one. The members are great, our investigators are awesome, and the hand in the lord is in it all! ESPECIALLY the details. I am so happy! 

I have also included a picture from halloween! I was my companion for halloween! haha
 Have a great week!

Hermana Ostler

ps. mom the title is meant to be based on heat miser and his brother from the movie a year without a santa clause... i cant remember if his name was cool miser or what it actually was so if i did it wrong can you fix it? haha

How We Do Halloween in Argentina

I was my companion for halloween!

 a member who owns a kiosko gave us the frozen stickers for halloween :) 

a super attractive picture of me with my comp. yeah we went to a cemetary last pday. its our scared face in case anyone was wondering.

me in front of the big cript. maybe its a chapel. i dont know we couldnt tell. its not like we can read spanish or anything..

some cripts. pretty sketchy. its basically like the haunted mansion on halloween right?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The book of mormon. Presented by the Belgrano Stake Youth

Sooooo not too much happened this week... REally the only big thing was that we went to a "theatre event" that the stake young men and women put on. I was going to say that it was the book of mormon but then just realized that that has a different context... hahaha but basically every ward got a story from the book of mormon that they had to act out. It was really awesome and really well done. Our ward had Lehis dream and oh man it was great. It was so spiritual but you could tell they were having fun with it cause it was also pretty funny. There was also a 2000 stripling warriors one and a few others that I couldnt identify by their costumes. 
Other than that it is getting HOT down here. And its only spring.... cant imagine what its going to be like in actual summer. 
BUT I have been remotivated to more consistently write in my journal. We went to visit this older lady in our ward who is confined to a wheelchair but still goes to church every sunday. We were sitting in a room of her apartment and saw a bunch of binders with years on them in a closet. we asked what they were and she said they were her journals. She let us pull one out and look through it and it was amazing! so inspiring. it was a scrapbook journal thing. we looked at the years 1992 and 1993. It was so awesome. She had a picture and map and ticket from when she went to disneyland! It was awesome. Therefore i have rededicated myself to write in my journal. 
There was also a GREAT lesson in gospel principles class yesterday about family history. The teacher was saying that family history is not just names and dates, its finding stories and learning about your ancestors. It was awesome. I was thinking about that and how we do it so that our ancestors can recieve these saving ordinances as well so we can live with our families forever. I am so grateful that I can have an eternal family!

so that was my week
love you all!
hermana ostler

Me and My Shadow

 after a district meeting haha

our trip to once

yes we have made it to "that point" where as companions we think the same and match on accident. and say the same exact thing at the same exact time haha

 our district

Bringing the World His Truth

 the view from our roof

  a tag picture cause i have to