Sunday, November 16, 2014


Wow i have just been FLOORED with how much we have been blessed this week. I cant even describe it and I am still in shock! We have met sooo many AMAZING people this week. Man just the people here are awesome. 

But anyways, our big day was on thursday. Literally i dont think i have ever been so blatantly blessed in my life at one time. Seriously I felt like we had some magic going that nothing could go wrong! It was amazing.
It started off with weekly planning that went a lot longer than I usually like because it feels like we have none of the day left after that but anyways we left the apartment after that and we had not been out more that 3 minutes when someone runs up to us and starts talking to us. They said they had been looking for a church to go to thats like a tight knit community and to learn more about Christ and the scriptures. We were just in shock because she was basically describing our church and the message that we share. We talked with her a bit more and set up a return appointment.
After that just more and more people just came up to us and started talking to us. We just were in complete shock because this had never happened to us and whenever we had talked to people they never had wanted anything. We then went to a less active members house who wasnt there and started teaching his wife who wanted to learn more and go to church! Then a whole bunch more happened that day that would just take way to long to type out and probably would get boring for most people. BUT SERIOUSLY MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Ok and the last thing is so were teaching this lady who is the mom of a member. SHE IS SOOO GREAT and WE LOVE THEIR FAMILY. Theyre peruvian and they live in this house with 3 or 4 family members and their kids. So basically theres a ton of people who live there and they have all been listening to the missionaries off and on for just about forever but only 2 of them are members. So were teaching the mom and she is just getting everyone to become interested and start to listen to us! Shes the cutest and we will start talking about her baptism and shes like oh yeah and (s)hes getting baptised with me too (pointing to the nearest family member then calls them to listen to what were sharing). Its so great. We can feel the lords love for this family so much and we just want them to be together forever!

Ok i think thats all for now. OH BUT WE MET SOMEONE WHOS ARGENTINE BUT HAS LIVED IN THE US FOR MOST OF HIS LIFE AND HE GAVE US A PB&J SANDWICH!!!!!!! AHHHHHH. the small things in life. (for those of you who dont know there is basically no peanut butter or jelly like they make in the states down here although i do have a secret stash that im dragging out to last my whole mission) so basically for those of you whos mom makes you a pb&j every day for lunch and youre sick of it, savor it because when you come to argentina you wont have any. :)

Anyways thats all. Well not really. Cause a mission is awesome and so much happened this week but thats all im going to say about this week. haha love you all! have a good week!

hermana ostler :)

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