Monday, November 3, 2014

Heat Miser and Cool Miser (actually Snow Miser) are obviously fighting.

Alright alright so you know how last week i said that it was getting really hot here? 

my companion taking a selfie... can you see the beads of sweat?

yeah. i take it ALL back. haha with the acception of monday and tuesday, it has rained all week. And by rained i mean poured. haha But hey im not complaining. Its better than the heat anyday. Especially because even though missionaries rarely want to go out and work on a rainy day, we´re always blessed for it because as my companion says, the rain brings miracles! (and seriously it does)

us in the elevator the next day when it started to rain...

Just for kicks here are some funny things that happened this week. So down here we take these things called colectivos everywhere that we dont walk. Basically theyre city buses. And usually there are quite a few people who are trying to get on them so they have to stop for a little while while the line of people gets on. So this week, at least 3 times I have been at the end of the line and the BUS STARTS TO PULL AWAY (the doors are still open, were in argentina they dont care) so im sitting there and have to take a few steps and jump into the moving bus! Makes for fun in the rain, never a dull moment hahaha 
The other thing is the other night I was on the phone with the district leader recounting our day and i was just chilling and started talking about the 2 people who we had visited in this short period of time. So i said "y despues hablamos con dos personajes." my companion bursted out laughing to which i realized what i had said. dos personajes means 2 personages in english, and i had subconciously started using phrases from joseph smiths account of the first vision. I really meant to say dos personas. But yeah. I dont think my district leader caught on. 
Man this week we have seen so many miracles. But a lot of the times these miracles arent things that are big or maybe to other people would be, but they are things that you cant deny happened because the hand of the lord was in it. It makes me so happy to think that this is His work and that I am only doing what he wants me to and as such i am being lead where he wants me to go. Besides it is by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass. The small miracles eventually turn into one big great one. The members are great, our investigators are awesome, and the hand in the lord is in it all! ESPECIALLY the details. I am so happy! 

I have also included a picture from halloween! I was my companion for halloween! haha
 Have a great week!

Hermana Ostler

ps. mom the title is meant to be based on heat miser and his brother from the movie a year without a santa clause... i cant remember if his name was cool miser or what it actually was so if i did it wrong can you fix it? haha

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