Sunday, November 2, 2014

The book of mormon. Presented by the Belgrano Stake Youth

Sooooo not too much happened this week... REally the only big thing was that we went to a "theatre event" that the stake young men and women put on. I was going to say that it was the book of mormon but then just realized that that has a different context... hahaha but basically every ward got a story from the book of mormon that they had to act out. It was really awesome and really well done. Our ward had Lehis dream and oh man it was great. It was so spiritual but you could tell they were having fun with it cause it was also pretty funny. There was also a 2000 stripling warriors one and a few others that I couldnt identify by their costumes. 
Other than that it is getting HOT down here. And its only spring.... cant imagine what its going to be like in actual summer. 
BUT I have been remotivated to more consistently write in my journal. We went to visit this older lady in our ward who is confined to a wheelchair but still goes to church every sunday. We were sitting in a room of her apartment and saw a bunch of binders with years on them in a closet. we asked what they were and she said they were her journals. She let us pull one out and look through it and it was amazing! so inspiring. it was a scrapbook journal thing. we looked at the years 1992 and 1993. It was so awesome. She had a picture and map and ticket from when she went to disneyland! It was awesome. Therefore i have rededicated myself to write in my journal. 
There was also a GREAT lesson in gospel principles class yesterday about family history. The teacher was saying that family history is not just names and dates, its finding stories and learning about your ancestors. It was awesome. I was thinking about that and how we do it so that our ancestors can recieve these saving ordinances as well so we can live with our families forever. I am so grateful that I can have an eternal family!

so that was my week
love you all!
hermana ostler

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