Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pueblos, Personas, y PB & J

the hermana entrenadoras (training sisters) area. you can see the villa in the way back. the big long brick building thing

our area as seen from our roof at night. the big bright light that isnt the moon is the cancha de river. aka the river soccer teams stadium (they were playing that night. we could tell from the yelling outside)

 secret pretty places in argentina :)

my companion and a member and her son at a lesson

 hi were cute

Our zone this transfer :)


OH BUT WE MET SOMEONE WHOS ARGENTINE BUT HAS LIVED IN THE US FOR MOST OF HIS LIFE AND HE GAVE US A PB&J SANDWICH!!!!!!! AHHHHHH. the small things in life. (for those of you who dont know there is basically no peanut butter or jelly like they make in the states down here although i do have a secret stash that im dragging out to last my whole mission) so basically for those of you whos mom makes you a pb&j every day for lunch and youre sick of it, savor it because when you come to argentina you wont have any. :)

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