Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Im going to be a murderer!

So this week went by SUPER fast. Dont really remember much cause it was just all a blur. Haha 

So i guess the first thing is that we had a member of the 70 and the quorum of the 12 come to visit. THEY WERE AWESOME TALKS! Wow. Elder Christoffersons talk was great and I learned so much about the atonement, repentance, baptism, and the sacrement and how they are all connected! It was amazing!

The other big thing is that we had a baptism this week! She was such a miracle and we love her so much! I honestly believe that she was waiting for hermana christensen and I because we are such great friends! Were so proud of her and excited for her family! Her four year old after the baptism was like, I want to get baptized too! after the service. It was so beautiful and we were so happy.

And lastly to explain the title, HERMANA CHRISTENSEN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER! AHHH. Were so excited. And this being her last I will be "killing" her because she will be "dying" here in Nuñez. 

Anyways thats all folks!
Love you all!
hermana ostler

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