Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Spirit of God in Córdoba

Wow this weekend. I cant even. ok wait ill start earlier around mid week. So this week we went on divisions and it was so much fun. But it was a bit crazy. It was full of dirt roads, run down houses, and bikes. YES BIKES. I went prosylighting on a BIKE. Weirdest experience of my life. Yes i have pictures to prove it and yes i was still in a skirt. WIERD. Basically it strenghtened my testimony of the fact that every group of missionaries that comes in just gets better and better and more and more prepared. 

But on to this weekend cause i cant hold it in anymore. haha I GOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DEDICATION OF THE CORDOBA TEMPLE! ahhhhhhhh. It was so great. Cant even begin. We were able to see the broadcast of the youth celebration saturday night and then the dedication sunday morning. Oh what an experience. President Uchtdorf came to dedicate it and wow. He made a comment in the youth celebration (that generaly talks about the history of the area) and he made a comment of the Argentine flag that i loved. he said that he recognizes the "sol de mayo" on the flag (sun of may) and that it is now may and that the temple is like a new light in the country and in the world. 
I know that temples are the house of the lord and that we can be sealed as a family in the house of God so that we can be with our loved ones forever! I love the temple!

hermana ostler

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