Thursday, May 7, 2015

Far Far Away. El Campo

SURPRISE! I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED! And to yes. Very very far away. and when i say campo i dont mean like the mission field campo i mean like the in the middle of no where campo. I guess i was asking for it when i always felt bad for the missionaries who had to travel so far for meetings from "zona zarate" but now im that missionary. AND I GAVE MY HIJITA UP FOR ADOPTION! So sad. But its good.
My new comp is... yes, finally, ANOTHER LATINA!YESSSSSSS! Her name is HErmana Vargas and she is from Ecuador. She actually arrived here with me! 
THis last week in versailles has been pretty great, yet sad saying good bye to people in the case that i got transferred. This last transfer has been a great one and now im ditching the big city in capital and heading for provincia in the area zárate 3! 

hope the week goes great! 
hermana ostler

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