Friday, April 17, 2015

The Miracles that come from being Sick

Wow this week (well sunday) definitely strengthened my testimony about how the Lord will always provide a way. Friday after a meeting we ended up taking a trip to the doctor because my companion had a unexplained sharp pain in her chest. The doctor there commanded us to stay home when we got home and rest for the next day. So we spent saturday (a key missionary day) in the house.... NOT FUN. Seriously. By 4 we were extremely bored and REALLY WANTED TO LEAVE even though hermana sommers was still in pain. I realized why it isnt as big of a pain to be sick at home. NETFLIX. Darn the other missionaries who took our church dvds out of our apt. and yay for watching the restoration 2 times and the district.... But we decided to be obedient to the doctor and the mission presidents wife (who had chastized me for not staying home when i had the flu) and we tried to get better, having faith that the lord would provide a way to meet our companionship goals for the month. So we showed up to church on sunday (still sick the both of us) wondering how this was going to work out. Our investigator showed up by himself and as we looked up to the stand we saw our recent convert and a member that always accompanies us trying to tell us something from the sacrement table. I couldnt understand what they were saying until we got a text that said that our our recent converts two sisters were in sacrament meeting! We met them after church and they said they want to be baptized! WHAT A MIRACLE. I am so excited to work with them. 

Other than that it was a pretty mellow week. 

Hope everyone else is well back in the states! 


hermana ostler

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