Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July, Argentine Style

4th of july/copa america! representing the both :)

Well this week has basically been a roller coaster of everything. Seriously i dont know what is up with zona zarate but i am flipping getting whiplash cause every morning I wake up with a different sickness. But anyhow. 
We started off the week by on monday we cooked tacos as a district! OH MY GOSH HOW I MISS TACOS. i just cant. but thats besides the point. Ok tuesday. We went to leadership counsil...? i think thats the translation.... and as usual it was great. but they announces a challenge that were doing as a mission for pioneer day. In 24 days (july 1-july 24th) the whole mission is reading the whole book of mormon! THat means we have to read 26 pages of the book of mormon in spanish every day. Crazy. Its really inspired. Were trying to come together more as a mission and to be able to have the spirit with us more as we teach. Its so exciting! Its really hard because we have NO TIME as missionaries but its worth it. I know that miracles will come from it!
Wednesday- zone meeting and divisions with hermana valeriano from hawaii! shes awesome! it was a great day. 
Thursday- Not too much happened. I dont remember too much actually
Friday- a bunch of things blew up in my face haha but its all good because the atonement is real and we all learn from experience
Saturday- 4th of July and COPA AMERICA. SO this was a really cool experiance. Basically Copa America is just about the biggest soccer tournament apart from the world cup. This year it was in chile and in the end it was chile vs argentina and WE GOT TO WATCH! basically because a. NO ONE would listen to us during the game even if we tried, b. the only people who would be in the streets are people who are up to no good, and c. its a way to get all the missionaries really excited.... well until we lost. Yeah basically every time the 2 star players got the ball the chileans started grabbing them and holding them back.. literally! RAGE. In the end im pretty sure the argentines just gave up because the chileans were playing dirty. And we lost the shoot out. It was dumb. But really entertaining to watch a game with a bunch of argentines. hahaha what a great night. 
Sunday- normal sunday working and church :)
other than that its officially winter and flipping cold!!! i cant. Im dying cause im living in a freezer. with humidity. whoooo but yeah thats my week!
love you all! im off to the temple this week, finally! 
hermana ostler

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