Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Party in LA BOCA

Wow so this week was literally psyco. literally. heres a rundown

monday: pday. we had a pday for the sisters in the mission. we watched the
general womens session of conferece then... ate. WOOO i love food. haha

tuesday: leadership council got home at 4 and worked for the 5 hours that
remained. we drastically changed a few details of our lessons and this week
dropped a lot of numbers (we forsaw that) but we know we will start to see
miracles from it so its all good

wednesday: zone conference. it was a great recap of tuesday but with more

thursday: we lost the day due to two great things.l first half of the day
we spent in interviews (my comp was sick when our zone had them) and we got
awesome training from the aps. and the second half was spent in the temple.
the convert of my companion went through for the first time and was then
sealed to her deceaced husband. what a sweet experience.l

friday: TRAMITES. Ladies and gentlemen, after almost exacly one year of
being ILLEGAL in this country i FINALLY SUCCESSFULLY completed my tramites
and am legal once again. YEAH.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY: GENERAL CONFERENCE. Wow there was just so many great
things. Funny story. So I got to watch it in english on a tv connected to
the internet so sometimes the internet was a little sketchy and we had to
reload it about every 2 or 3 speakers losing about 30 seconds of the feed.
NATURALLY, elder eyring gets up to start the sustainings all of us gringos
glued to the screen waiting anxiously to see who the new apostles were.
"presendent thomas spenser monson as prophet seer and revelator, henry b
eyring and dieter f uchtdorf as his counsilors...... THE FEED CUTS. We alll
yell and grab the remote trying to get the feed back. all the elders then
shove eachother out of the room(this looked a lot like a scene from the
best two years when the mail finally comes) and try running upstairs to see
if they can see it in spanish. that fails too. haha oh elders. we luckily
get it back up in time toi see them walk to their seats and generally
figure out who they are. THen in the same session right in the middle of
elder hollands talk it cuts AGAIN. RAGE.k So that was a fun time.

THen during the sunday afternoon session there was a boca soccer game. Keep
in mind theyre winning the cup right now and the stadium is about 6 blocks
from the church. So in the middle of bednars awesome talk we hear
GOOOOOLLLLLLLL. I just decided to take it as a spiritual goal cause his
talk was spot on.

My favorite session was the saturday afternoon session. I had a lot of
prayers answered in that session and it was great. You should check it out
if you didnt get to see it :)

Id love to hear what your guys favorite talks are!

love you all!
love hermana ostler

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