Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Time is Here and a Happy New Year

Well I had a pretty great break. It was really nice to get away for Rexburg for 2 weeks, although one of them was spent back in the cold. I ended up flying home to California on Saturday for less than 48 hours then went back to the cold in Utah. Yeah that sounds kind of crazy and you may think that I should have just stayed in Utah (and I would have), but it was for a good reason, I promise. I came home so that I could finish my mission papers so they could get submitted 2 days after Christmas! That being said, my papers are in, my call has been issued and I should be getting it either tomorrow or friday (crossing my fingers), so I will keep you all posted on where I am going! (and if you have any guesses let me know! I'd love to hear them!) So yeah thats why I came home. I also had a little Christmas miracle happen on my journey home. Basically the Salt Lake Express got really behind schedule and I wouldn't be able to board my flight if I was checking any bags. Obviously I couldn't just abandon my bag, so I asked if there was any other flights. The next one available to John Wayne Airport would be in an hour but was about $1000 because it was a first class ticket. Obviously that was also a no go. I asked for any other planes going somewhere in Southern California and the first one that came up was one into LAX leaving at 10 pm, 8 hours from the current time. As I was on the phone seeing if that was ok with my mom, the agent said there was also one into Long Beach leaving at 8 pm. After talking to my mom and the agent for a while, discussing our options, I finally decided to just take the one into Long Beach and wait the 6 hours in the airport. When she gave me my boarding pass, it said for Long Beach leaving at 4. I was so happy that I could get home sooner than I had thought I would be able to, it was such a blessing. After getting home I went straight to Bruxie (I deeply missed my California food), then went home to drop off my things and finish some homework and take some finals that were due that night. After that I went to see Frozen with my family! I absolutely LOVED IT (although it was not better than Tangled, because nothing will ever be better than Tangled :P). But it is still really up there with my favorite Disney movies. The next day I was so glad to be back in my home ward and got to perform with the ward choir! (yay sight reading). That was really fun. So yeah then later that night I had dinner at a friend's house with a lot of friends which was so nice and it was great to catch up a with people.

Dinner with a bunch of my friends

The next day (monday) I was back to the cold! But I guess it wasn't as bad as Rexburg. Anyways, so the day that we flew into Utah, we went to temple square with my extended family. I forgot how beautiful it is with all the Christmas lights up. 

 Dolly and I. And some awkward person photo bombing us
 Dolly and I again, with no one behind us
 She was snap chatting and I really didn't know what she was doing until after... excuse my awkward face...
 I love the reflection and nativity

After that Christmas was really great. I got to see a lot of family, eat lots and lots of food, and even go sledding with my cousins (who were all hitting on these girls also sledding on the hill). And for those of you who are wondering, no I did not Skype Elder Kupferer (aka Matt) on christmas, due to the fact that I was in Utah, but even if I wasn't and I was invited to, I wouldn't take the opportunity. I really don't think it would have been good for either of us in the long run. But its alright :) I still get to write and email him :)

 While talking about Rexburg, we got on the subject of this lamp, which my grandparents used to keep out on a shelf in their basement where all the kids play. It used to mesmerize me as a kid but I hadn't seen it since they moved to their new house. 
 Justin, Braden, and I. We are cool kids.
 Nick loves sledding....
 And is also a crazy maniac....
Who I like to take pictures with :P

After returning to California and its BEAUTIFUL WARM WEATHER, I had the opportunity to go to one of my good friends from college farewell down in San Diego. He left today for the Provo MTC, and after 6 weeks will go to the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico mission. Although I didn't get to be in my home ward, it was great to be with friends to see him talk. 
 We like to laugh :D
 Chipmunk faces to match Jennifer's

New Years was also fun! I got to see a lot of old friends and have fun with them!
New Years Eve

For the last 3 days that I was home I got to go to Disneyland before my pass expired. I had a great time and was able to go with many different friends. It was a great end to a break.
 On Silly Symphony Swings
 Philippa and I on California Screamin'
 A castle view from the carousel.

 Exhibit A of why I LOVE Tangled.
 Rapunzel and Eugene are so cute!
 Ahhhh! I can't take it!
 Oh Jennifer...
 Some people are really afraid of Tower of Terror.... and I like to laugh at them for it.
 One of the more interesting ride pictures I have taken on a Disneyland ride.
 We like sunglasses, they make us look cool :P

 On the carousel
 Last day! You can also see my recent obsession/ hobby of pin trading
 These cute little girls were dressed up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen and were walking around holding hands. One of the most adorable things I have ever seen!
Final picture in front of the tree!

All in all, break was great, and of course WAY too short. But oh well. It's kind of weird being back with new classes and friends. Although quite a few of my friends from last semester are still here, a lot of them are leaving for missions or doing other great things. I'm so excited to finish this semester and leave on my mission! Keep checking back to see where I am called! Until then!

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