Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just Keep Swimming!

Hey everyone! I hope all is well with you all! 

Wow this week has gone by really quickly and I have learned a lot. First off, when things are being trying, have patience and recognize the Lord in the small details, because he is there. We had a day this week where literally EVERYTHING that could go wrong, did. I joked with my companion toward the end of the day that the only thing physically possible that could make things worse is if we got hit by a car. My comp came close 2 times after that hahah But one of the things that happened was we were walking and i wasnt paying attention to where i was going and stepped right in a pile of dog droppings (you have to be careful where you step in argentina). I looked up and was like are you for real? (at this point we just kinda thought all this was funny and laughed) and this guy walks by and was like hey! thats good luck! here in argentina its good luck! so i scrape it off then find a puddle (it had rained that day) and got the rest of it off and the guy was still around and was being supportive and so we were like um hey do you want to hear about the gospel? and he was super receptive and was really awesome. unfortunately he didnt live in our area and wouldnt give us his address but said he would come to church at some point in the future. dont know if it will go anywhere but he was nice. But this week we also "randomly" (lets be real nothing is random or on accident) ran into a bunch of people that we needed to. 
Lesson 2, just keep swimming! Yeah i know missionaries arent allowed to swim but i like finding nemo ok? haha Satan will to everything to get you discouraged or to give up or to stop being obedient or to get you to slow down cause he knows something is coming. You just need to follow the spirit and keep going cause its worth it! We are promised that everything comes "after the trial of your faith," so just keep going!
Lesson 3, as usual, share the gospel! but seriously. So we found someone this week who lives next door to a less active family and she ended up coming to church and a member walked into the chapel yesterday before church started and we started talking to her and were just about to introduce her to our investigator but then she did this double take and was like oh my gosh MY FRIEND! apparently they had worked together for 35+ years and now have met again in church. they were like a couple of school girls it was so cute. moral of the story: when they talk about how if we dont share the gospel with our friends in this life, in the next life they will ask us why didnt you share it with me?, it happens in this life too. so basically share the gospel with your friends, or just send the missionaries over to their house! trust me your friends will thank you! and if not, it might take a little bit longer but the missionaries will find teach and baptize your friends anyways :)
So something fun that happened this week: we had a ward mission activity where we basically talked about missionary work. So the elders were in charge of the spiritual thought and we were in charge of ice breaking games and for as loving and open and friendly as people are here in south america. theyre just about equally as awkward about playing ice breaker games as we are in the states. haha we ended up playing do you love your neighbor which ended up being a big hit (after everyone figured out how to play cause 2 greengos from the us trying to explain a game in spanish that we usually play in english is very interesting)

hope everything is well on the other side of the world!

with love
hermana ostler

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