Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Un Re Escogido

Ahhhh So one of our investigators (I think i mentioned him last week) is literally the greatest. He was the one who I was really skeptacle about at first then last week the was talking about how he feels full when he talks to us. Well yeah. It has been confirmed, hes the best. So we taught him this week and it was the first time Hermana Scarlett taught him or met him or anything and she was talking to him and was trying to get a background about where he is at as an investigator and she found out that he hadnt prayed about a small detail or hadnt done something that we usually ask investigators to pray about and all this stuff and i was feeling really awkward cause we hadnt asked him to do whatever it was before but then he responds with "ummmm i dont think i need to. I already know that the church is true and that everything that you are teaching me is the truth. I have already recieved my answer and i dont doubt anything. I know that the book of mormon is true too and i love to read it" I just about died of happiness. THEN we saw him like 2 days later walking to work and he was smoking and he showed it to us and hes like sorry so we asked him what cigarette number this one was and he said its 6 and my last for today (before we started teaching him he was at a pack of 20 a day) so i was like whatever no biggie. we know hes working on it and told him its alright and that hes doing great in his progress. but then we were talking to him checking up on him on how he was doing then hes like you know what i feel terrible about this so he just threw his newly lit last cigarette for the day behind him into the street! and we were like uh what? oh hes so great. im so glad that he found us.
Not much more happened this week. OH except for the fact that this member who we ate with yesterday is awesome and sells stuff. So hes like oh yeah i also found a manufactuer of peanut butter and its like the kind from the states and its not super expencive like the rest of argentina. so we were like uhhh what?! Cause there is NO peanut butter down here. it makes the people from the states down here really sad. but yeah. so he was like yeah if you want ill give you some. ANd we just about died. He gave us each a jar of creamy and a jar of crunchy. Im going to make it last a while. Basically the only other thing was we helped with an open house of a chapel a few areas over which was pretty cool. but yeah! That was my week!
with love
Hermana OStler

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