Friday, August 29, 2014

The Winds of Change

Welp. Its official! I have officially made it a transfer in Argentina! It doesnt seem that long, i guess time flies!
So first off we had a baptism on sunday! Hes super awesome and our young single adult program in our ward is doing a great job of helping him feel comfortable! The baptism was great and right after the welcome from the elders quorum he randomly got up and just bore his testimony! It was so great. It was a great day
Also one of our other investigators is literally de diez. he cant get baptized for a bit because he is fixing his work schedule to be able to attend church BUT we were talking to him the other day and he was like yeah I have talked to people about religion but you guys are different. I just feel full when I talk to you guys. I dont know why but it just feels so good. Literally all i could think of is how in the bible jesus said drink of me and ye shall never thirst. THIS GOSPEL BLESSES LIVES!
Ok so now im going to rant about how great missionaries are. THeyre the best. Not like me but like other missionaries. We had a despedida for the missionaries going home this transfer and its basically like a conference on sunday where everyone comes and the leaving ones bear their testimonies and stuff. So the missionaries all invite their investigators and recent converts and its this missionwide conference. HOLY COW. THe spirit was so strong. You could just feel the power of the work of god. If you arent talking to the missionaries or have them somehow involved in your life GET THEM INVOLVED. Give them references, let them teach you, talk to them, feed them whatever. They will literally make your life so much better. Whenever Im around other missionaries (including my companion which i guess is always) i always feel so much better cause this is the work of the lord and they have so much power! They always fortilize my testimony.
And last off so yes it is darn windy but it must be because of the change! I have a new companion! Her name is HErmana Scarlett and she is from North Carolina. Cant tell you much more cause ive known her for a total of 3 hours. haha But yeah its stormy here. Apparently its this week long thing thats called Tormenta de Santa Rosa where its stormy and rainy..... And we were literally sweating bullets on saturday. i guess im not putting away my winter stuff just yet. }
I think thats about it for this week! I love you all!
Hermana OStler

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