Saturday, August 23, 2014

Encontrar, Enseñar, Bautisar

Wow so this week has been great. Yes i did have a pday yesterday but EVERY STORE IN THIS PROVINCE WAS CLOSED YESTERDAY. Yay random holidays where no one has to work. Its basically labor day but for no reason and literally nothing is open. haha So thats why im emailing on tuesday.
So this week I have learned 1. you have to make time for the gospel. no matter what. We were teaching this lady and her daughter and she is the sweetest most caring person ever. Whenever we taught her we could feel she spirit soooo much and were sure that she was going to progress. Well after a few lessons and a church attendance which she loved, she started working a LOT. She was almost never in her house and when she was she was exhausted (she is a caretaker for other people and cleans and cooks and whatnot for them so her schedule is flexable). We felt so bad for her but knew that this is something that she needs. So we kept trying and kept trying but was saying that she just didnt have time for it all. We eventually dropped her which broke my heart because she is so great. I know that Christ could give her support and strength if she let it happen but she just wouldnt make time to pray and read and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Just like any other relationship it takes work and you have to let him in. when life seems hard and you dont have time thats when you cant afford to not make time for Him. I could feel so much love for her and it was so hard to see her not do the thing that would help her the most.
Thing 2. dont judge a book by its cover. Ok so I think this is something that everyone is guilty of at some time or another but honestly its something that is sometimes really hard to do. So our new investigator actually found us. We were crossing the street to wait for a member on a corner to go to an appointment when he comes up to us and more or less is like hey so i talked to your friends a few months ago and they said theyd stop by but they never did and i still want to learn your message. I was a little bit wary of him just based off his looks and sometimes people do this just to get our attention cause my comp and i are both blonde haired and blue eyed. So we go on talking and set up an appointment which i still wasnt really sure of. Long story short we ended up going and wow. He is so prepared. He smokes a pack a day (20 cigarrettes) and committed him to drop the habit and smoke only 13 then 12 the next day and the day after. He proceeded to top that and only smoke 10 and 7. So as of now we are PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING that he can find a way to change his work schedule to be able to attend church.
Ok so now on to the other stories. SO we went to a young single adult play show thing that they put on for the primary of the stake so help out and support them. During the break they were playing kids music and this song comes on and my comp and i realize what it is at the same time and slowly turn to eachother and laugh. Barney music in spanish is a bit funny.
Now this one i am so sad about. So a member comes up to us last tuesday night and is like oh yeah this famous american died then said his name which i didnt understand cause people pronounce things different in spanish and my comp freaks out and im just like oh i don{t know who it is then she says robin williams. WHAT. ROBIN WILLIAMS DIED. So sad. there goes my childhood. Time to do his temple work. Moving on.
So this one happened in gospel principles this week where we were talking about commandments and the senior couple missionaries (office missionaries) are in our ward and attend that class. so the teacher asks robbing. what is robbing? to which the elder speaks up and is like something that happens to the missionaries every week. we cant go a week without someone being robbed! haha we kinda died laughing. apparently you cant be a real missionary in this mission without being robbed. I havent been yet thank the heavens but maybe some day
now i cant remember if i have talked about this or not but oh mate cocido. so mate is this tea drink thing that missionaries cant drink but we can drink the kind from the tea bag. And ALL THE MEMBERS TRY TO GIVE IT TO US. Which is fine cause most people love it. PErsonally it makes me gag. Its definitely an aquired taste haha which i am currently trying to aquire. haha
And finally, its starting to warm up down here! You can tell because a. its warmer and more humid and b because the sunrise is moving! what. the other day i looked out my window and i couldnt see the sunrise. hmm weird haha
Love you all!
Hermana Ostler
PS peruvian food is the bomb. we had some at a members house on sunday and i think i died and went to heaven. then for dessert they had this brownie type thing with dulce de leche and whipped cream. oh heavens

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