Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hola a todo!

This week has been great. A lot of turn overs with investagators aka dropping and finding others. We are basically no longer teaching anyone who came to church last week haha but the work moves on! the two girls (the sisters) who came last week, theyre parents don´t want them going to church with us then the boy and his mom that just showed up last week randomly it looks like were going to drop... but all is well in zion! we found a young adult that we have been teaching all week and wow. i don´t think i have seen someone so prepared. We taught him the word of wisdom and after a bit of a little like what? this is a thing? he was like yeah ill live it. the next day we came to visit him and asked him how it was going and he was just like yeah last night i was playing soccer and my friends offered me some alcohol and i said no and didn´t drink any. we then asked him if his friends thought he was weird for doing so and he said no it was weird but im glad it happened. haha hes so great and straight up just super awesome. so yeah thats our main investigator. we have a few more but nothing huge and a few more just possibilities. We are praying daily for miracles to reach our goal of 3 baptisms and 3 confirmations this month! so crazy. with god anything is possible! 
hermana ostler

ps sorry for the short letter this week. not too much happened and we have some zone activities planned for today :D 

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