Saturday, August 16, 2014


So down here in argentina apparently they have celebrations and days for
EVERYTHING. And theyre all a bigger deal than christmas. (apparently
christmas isn´t a huge celebration like in the states) but yeah so they
have mothers day and fathers day and the such, but they also supposably
have a animals day and kids day and whatever else and yesterday was the
kids day (dia del nino) basically everything shuts down and no one is in
their house and if they are theyre celebrating and don´t want to do
anything. also the day before is almost like black friday haha super

The last few days have been great. We´ve been doing a lot of visiting less
actives this week. I guess its weird to think about it but there is so much
good you can do and you can help so many people that know about the church
and are baptized but then have just lost their way or have forgotten. Its
great to rekindle their hope that no matter what happens or what they do
they the savior loves them and will accept them  no matter what. We taught
this girl who got baptized about 4 years ago and is now 16 with a one year
old son. We randomly found her and discovered she was a member and it was
so amazing to see the hope that the message of christ was giving her. the
rest of our investigators are going great! although so many didn´t want to
come to church yesterday because of the holiday haha oh well

in other news: we went to a members house for lunch the other day and she
was TOTALLY watching little house on the prarie. (in spanish of course) it
was super wierd and super tempting to watch it cause i mean my childhood
but i didn´t haha

also apparently theres no word or translation for "baby shower". they just
say it like that. so its like spanish spanish spanish "baby shower" spanish
haha. it kinda cracks me up.

and for this week on the list of fun things hermana ostler has done on her
mission. so here there are a lot of peruvian immagrants who come here for
work and the food here is not spicy unlike the rest of the hispanic or
south american world. i also have a unspoken rule that if someone gives you
something or an opportunity to do something do it just so say you did. so
story time. we were at a members house last sunday and the mom is peruvian
and so they like "pecante" on some of their food which they just add on.
and they have their own homemade recipie of something that they add. so my
comp is like oh yeah ill try it and then offers it to me so i say sure
cause i mean i can take it. i put on a little bit which later my comp told
me was a ton for peruvian picante and eat some more of the rice and all the
sudden the heat of the sun is in my mouth. i almost died. everyone was
laughed and i couldn´t taste anything normally for about 10 minutes. whoo!
it was fun haha

welp thats it for this week! ill send some pics soon!

love hermana ostler
so tuesday because a bunch of people in the missions visas expire and the church wants us to obey honor and sustain the law they took 30 missionaries across the river to uruguay and back to renew their passports with another 90 day visa until they get their residencial and since were the only missionaries in the area who arent the aps my comp and i got to babysit the mission office! they prepared us well with things to do if people called or came with mail but at about 10 these people came to the gate saying they were switching the big table in the office for a newer better looking one and had it in a truck. they had NOT told us that this was happening today. so we opened the gate and sceptically locked ourselves in the building cause 4 random guys were coming in with this pickup truck. but then the driver gets out and wants to talk to us as were trying to go back inside to lock ourselves in and hes like ohhhh then startes fiddling with his wallet and continues to talk. so im like uhh what the heck do you need from your wallet. he then pulls out his temple recommend and is like oh you probably want to know that this is a real thing that were doing and shows it to us haha. Yay mormon identification! hahah

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