Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunburns and Blisters and Bruises, OH MY!

Welp i am surprised i havent died this week. Or that Im still walking haha.

So it basically started with monday. Well first off its flipping hot down here. So on monday as a zone we decided to play us some good ol fĂștbol! And apparently im not half bad. But anyways so the "field" is in the back of the church and is concrete so was basically on fire. Anyways, due to my being a very competative person to the surprise of the elders in the zone i scored some pretty awesome goals (if i do say so myself), the first of which (the one that was the most awesome) was against an argentine elder who is really good. So about 20 minutes later im fighting him for the ball, which i obvously loose and he starts running away but in the meantime trips me and i fall on all fours. The whole zone freaks out and i didnt think it was that bad, just my knees hurt a little bit and move on with my life. Then that night when i cleaned my wounds there were huge bruises and scabs on my knees and i also found out it was hard to kneel. I guess he was just mad that i scored on him hahaha 

Then the next morning i woke up with a blister the size of a quarter on the ball of my foot because of the heat and the running and yeahh. That made it hard to work this week. THEN like 3 days ago i forgot to put on sunscreen and sunburned my neck and shoulders where my shirt doesnt cover. My comp thought that that was hilarious. I guess i just need to get a concussion today to complete the head, shoulders, knees, and toes hahaha

BUT despite my uncomfortable knees, feet, and shoulders we had 2 baptisms this week! Ah man are they awesome. Theyre a mother and daugther who the mom was inactive and got baptized 35 years ago in brazil but her records cant be found so she had to get baptized again! go figure! But theyre seriously awesome. It was such a miracle, even the baptism itself! The daughter recently suffered a medical problem in her brain and has to sleep propped up because if she closes her eyes and lays down, when she gets up she sees all black for a few minutes. She was able to get baptized still saying it was ok with her to see black to get baptized, but when she came up out of the water, nothing happened! What a tender mercy of the lord. She was so happy and so surprised! She said its the first time in 9 months where that hasnt happened. It was such a great experience. I know that the lord blesses those who keep his commandments!

Hermana Ostler

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