Monday, January 26, 2015

What God Requires

Ahhhhh well another relatively uneventful week. Working working working. But something that we are working on is a specific of what i mentioned last week. working better with the members. The area presidency down here came out with a new "rule" i guess you could call it, that is every week we have to be in contact with a member of the presidency of every organization in the ward. Basically we now run around visiting a lot of leaders, coordinating our efforts, trying to strengthen the ward, which brings me to my story of the week. 

So we went to visit a couple this week who are the elders quorum president and primary president to coordinate. We started to talk about how we have a lot of "active families," which normally would be good. 
We began to talk about the ward, when the primary president said something that hit me and has had me thinking for the last few days. She said "Its actually really easy to be an ´active´ member of the church, you just have to come to church once or twice a month and people will think youre active" to which her husband commented "we want to help everyone realize that you should come to church ALWAYS." 
This got me to thinking. There are a lot of members who are "active" and who "hold" a calling. But God requires a lot more, which is why the scriptures constantly talk about the "slothful and not wise servant."
We shouldnt be servants, rather disciples of christ. We should follow him of our own will, not wait around until he tells us what to do. This includes going to church everyweek, not just holding calling but doing you very best to fulfil it, sharing the gospel with others, giving the lord 100%. Its something that i have been more than guilty of not doing. The lord doesnt want us living in our comfort zone, he demands improvement, change, pushing for better. It only comes with with an effort on our part. 

So thats my thought of the week. Hope everything is going well back in the homeland!

hermana ostler

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