Saturday, February 14, 2015

Versalles (not the french)

Whelp! After 3 transfers in Núñez I have been transferred! It was hard saying goodbye but im extremely excited to be in my new area of Versalles! Its still in capital but it looks a lot like provincia. My last week in Nunez was really great and ended even greater. 

Im really excited for this transfer! Im finishing the training of a missionary named Hermana Conrad! She is so awesome. Im pretty sure weve met before but we cant figure out where. She went to byui so probably there once but were having trouble pinning it haha I guess its time to put my spanish to the test! haha I just attract all the greengas! But this will be fun! Were already great friends! Also like half of the mission just went home haha so we´ll see where that takes us haha but thats about it for this week. sorry nothing super interesting!
hope everyhting is well in the homeland!

hermana ostler

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