Monday, February 23, 2015

Do Your Best, and the Lord WILL Do the Rest

Things are improving! Were getting there with our area and we can see the Lord leading and guiding us. Not that we havent walked to every corner of our area and our feet hurt and we are dead tired but its alright. We can just do what the primary song says when "pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked" haha

But yesterday was particularly awesome. Normally sundays arent the best days (regardless of what the missionary handbook says) to procelite, at least in argentina because no one is home because they all go to provincia to visit family, or just all sleep all day. Naturally. So basically we normally just walk around all day and no one opens the door and no one is in the street. 

BUT this time, we picked up the members that were accompanying us and started walking to a contact we had made when we said oh this less active member lives around the block on the way so lets go there first. so we went there started talking and set up a time to return during the week when she looks behind me and says is that lady with you because shes staring at you guys. We look and dont recognize her so resort to walk that way when we leave. We greeted her while walking and i was about to pull out a pass along card when she said "ive been looking for you guys!" to which we were obviously surprised. 
She explained that she lived about an hour outside of capital (in the bsas west mission) and worked here in capital and was a member of the church. She had talked about the church to her coworker who lived in the house we were standing outside of. She said that he had attended her ward a few times but it was a bit far and wanted to find the ward  that he pertained to. They had talked to the missionaries in her ward trying to pass the referral to us (it obviously never got here), and had even searched online to try and find the nearest church which didnt work either. She said that he wants to go to church and learn more and everything and that she was visiting him and at that moment she was watching tv while he was sleeping when she felt like she needed to go outside when we turned the corner! She said she had been praying to find the missionaries so that he can learn and had faith that it would happen! 
We were awestruck (obviously) and had a lesson with him 15 min later when he woke up. He said he wants to change his life around and quit smoking. Needless to say we were on cloud nine for a bit after that. 

That was just one of the times this week where we "happened" to be in the right place at the right time. I know that the lord is in the details of our lives and guides us even though we feel like were not being guided. I didnt feel like i was. I was just doing what the prophets down to our district leader tells us to do which is work with the members. And lo and behold he will provide a way, though it be unexpected! 

hope everything is nice and cold back in the states! 

hermana ostler

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