Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Things Are Heating Up

Wow this week has been crazy. We have been working like crazy and have really been seeing miracles. The lord has been blessing us so much. BUt with all this craziness in the mission there is no room for a boring moment. For example, our zone leader who is in our ward HAS CHICKEN POX. Which means he and his companion are confined to their apartment for at least a week and we get to run errands for them. We also got called on an emergency excoursion to an open house and well basically we have been running this whole week. The lord has been in the details of our lives and the world is really changing. Its amazing to see what the lord does for his children. Prayers are being answered and we keep praying! 

In other news while everyone else is pulling out their winter clothes things are heating up down here! Summers coming!!! haha

love you all!
hermana ostler

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