Monday, November 16, 2015

The Details

So this week i had some great experiences on how the lord is always in the details of our lives and how real modern day revelation is. 

Monday night we get a call from one of the district leaders in the zone and he says hey we want to eat breakfast tomorrow as a zone were going to do a conference call to decide the details. in the end i got assigned to make a cake... that we ate for breakfast. Anyways. That meant that in the morning we had to run to the store to get some things. And yeah. Normally things SHOULD open at 8 but argentine standard time is sometimes a lot worse than mormon standard time. so we get home at about 8:40 and start to bake for a breakfast that was supposed to start at 9 hah. Anyways we had fun cooking away and at 9:30 are out the door. To quickly get there we wait for a bus that didnt come and for any of you who have read Preach My Gospel you are probably familiar with a story that has to do with 2 missionaries in mexico that a taxi takes them home in the pouring rain and it was a miracle. Yeah that basically happened to us. Minus the rain. A taxi driving on the main street in the area honks at us and my companion waves and asks me who it is. I say i have no idea but then the taxi stops and backs up and asks us where we need to go we say to the church and he tells us to get in. Apparently he was a member and felt like he needed to give us a ride. What a blessing. We were so greatful cause we were really late! 

Then on thursday in the middle of a lesson we get a text that says basically SURPRISE! The whole mission is going to the temple tomorrow! We freak out and wow was it a great experience. 

We are really blessed with some great investigators. unfortunatley they didnt show up to church on sunday but we felt satisfied with what we did on our part and know that we need to continue in faith! 

I love this work. I love argentina. And i LOVE being a missionary and representative of jesus christ!

love hermana ostler

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