Monday, October 28, 2013

Picture Day

So I don't have too much to report at this point other than last weeks weather was fantastic. Holy cow. But this week supposably its supposed to snow... Oh and also THE ALTITUDE IS KILLING MY BAKING!!!1! Rage. Nothing comes out right. Its always too dry. So if anyone knows what I can do to fix my baking, let me know and I will love you forever. But here are a lot of pictures to show what I've been up to recently.
Me editing one of my roommates papers. Sometimes I feel bad doing this because I may or may not get a little carried away with everything that I have learned at Northwood. Yay anchors. 
Me at my apartment a few days after Shaeli's (my roommate) birthday (I just kinda like this photo ha)
Last Friday we went to Fat Cats and went bowling and played mini golf for one of my friend's birthday. It was a pretty fun night (although for some reason I was exceptionally terrible at bowling)
Our living room on the morning after a sleepover. There are about 6-8 girls on the floor and it used to be a fort but apparently the blankets fell down in the night. 
Jen and Ellen. They fell asleep on each other before Relief Society last Sunday.

On the left: campus gets festive with a jackolantern. On the right: WELLLLL sometimes I put on a beanie and just get sick of my hair so I just shove it all inside the beanie... and maybe sometimes I could pass for a boy.
Basically my beautiful costume design from this morning.

The next bunch of pictures are ones that I have taken around campus of things that I thought were pretty. About the second half is of this place on campus commonly called the gardens. It is so pretty in there and I can't wait to see it 

OK and I guess I'll tell you about my weekend. Friday night I was going to go to a party but decided against it so I went home wallowing in my own sorrow whatever cause Im a lame person and need to get over myself but then some friends came over and someone decided that we should have a pillow fight. But not just any pillow fight. The group of about 10-15 (boys and girls) of us went to the boys apartment complex next to ours and went into random people's apartments and had a pillow fight. It was pretty entertaining. Until the manager came out and got kinda mad cause we were running around being loud after quiet hours. Oh well. Then later that night we went on a late night walk to McDonalds which was great. Saturday was just a gorgeous day so after I missed our complex flour fight (I'm still mad about that) Ellen, Sarah, and I basically threw around a football and frisbee all day with some actual games mixed in there. And in case you were wondering, here is a bunch of our group running out of someones apartment during the pillow fight (unfortunately I didn't get any footage of the actual pillow fight)

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