Monday, November 11, 2013

The Beginning of Having No Life

So basically not much has happened recently... At least as far as I can remember. Well minus the fact that it's progressively getting colder and colder. Ummm yeah. Haha I guess what I can tell you is that I'm about to start my first show here in college! :D I am the light board operator for the drama department's production of It's a Wonderful Life (the radio version) and its looking like it will be a really cool show. Its basically a play within a play where the characters are doing a radio cast of It's a Wonderful Life and all of the sound effects are done onstage right in front of you and the 5 actors/characters play the 30+ characters in the story. It's pretty cool.

Here's part of our light plot for the show and a pile of cabling that we cut the ends off of. For some reason the department had over half of its cable yellow... which is annoying cause everything should be BLACK. Like the theatre. It makes no sense. But we recently got a heck of a lot of new black cable so we cut off the ends of these (cause we can use the plug in parts) and we end up recycling the wire in the cable. (yay saving the earth!) Anyways, last week I got to go up to the grid (the very top of the theatre) because we had these booms (big metal poles that you can hang lights from) that are top heavy so we have to tie the top of them off at the grid (its made of steel and isn't going anywhere) yay knowing how to tie knots... anyways that was one of my jobs last week but it was crazy cause its about 5-6 stories above the ground with a metal grate holding you up (i promise its sturdy and actually i feel more safe on it than northwood's... not that I've been up there... psh. ok maybe i have) but anyways it feels sketchy. so i go up there and tie off a rope to the grid while someone in a genie ties off the other end to the boom and then i tighten it (which is a pain working against gravity and creating as much tension as possible) and tie it off again. The major annoyance is that there is literally a 20 degree difference between the deck and the grid so i was sweating bullets. holy cow. i was gonna die. and its super dry up here and its dusty beyond belief up there (because there aren't very many reasons for people to go up there so no one had been there in a while) so it made it even worse. needless to say my hands were basically black with dust. it was gross but really fun at the same time. 

Also another really fun thing that I'm involved in is an inter mural volleyball team with my friends. We are 1-1 currently and now because of the show I won't be playing much but its fun anyways but here's a picture of me and team

Last week was also our first snow that stayed for a while (it snowed early one night and stayed the morning but was melted by that afternoon) but it was fun none the less. The first picture is me walking to the temple when its snowing and the second is our complex the morning after it snowed.

Next is misc. The first and second are when my roommates and I decided to have dinner together one night. We had steak which was pretty good. Needless to say we don't like taking pictures. The second is jen who isn't in the first drinking her apple juice cause she was too lazy to grab a cup. The third picture is my breakfast one morning. I had gotten them the day before and put them in my bag and forgot about them and i was in a rush that morning and was like hey food! So yeah. IT HAS ONLY HAPPENED ONE TIME. i promise. i think...

Last but not least, Shalei's (my roommate) aunt (i think) sent all of us matching sock slipper things for halloween and they're super cute! We all took a picture together. 

ANyways, hope you have enjoyed this post! Have a great day! I'll try to post something soon about how the play is going but no promises. Haha

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