Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

I'm back! Sorry it took me a month to post again, but I have been soo busy. Thanksgiving was amazing. I loved having my family up here with me and being able to go to Grand Targhee with them to go skiing and show them a little bit of my life. After they left I had a great time with some of my good friends who also stayed in town for the break, and during that time, boy was the complex quiet. Oh it was so nice and peaceful. But then on sunday everyone came back and no one wanted to be here with only 3 weeks left in the semester. Especially once it started snowing. AND HOLY COW DOES IT GET FLIPPING COLD UP HERE. I'm lucky that today is in the double digits (positive double digits thank the heavens). But for over a week the forecast high has not been above 9 degrees and is usually 0 or below.... HELP!  So when Matt ( says in his emails that he's freezing at 20 degrees, I don't even want hear it. Especially when today when its about 19 degrees, coming home from the temple, after being outside for a minute my semi-damp hair freezes. It is fantastic. Not really. It also has snowed at least half of the days in the past week. Also, no one told me that when it gets this cold, you can't breathe outside and your nose hairs freeze because the air is so cold. Lets just say that I am extremely excited to go home to California in a week. That and FOOD! And I guess friends and family too :P But really though, I am so excited to see all of my friends and family :D I can't even.
A message left in our complex after the first snow

A view from the grid in the theatre. I got to tie things off from there

The following are videos from my saturday night. We wanted to go sledding but couldn't find a hill so we decided to go shoe-skating on the frozen pond on campus instead. 

My roommates are the best

My friend's car windows froze on the inside. We decided to write this message while driving

 Sunday night was really cold so I bundled up to go to stadium singing. I felt like a marshmallow. At least I was warm

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