Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Buen Dia de Argentina!

Alright so first off I´ll get my heart break out of the way... ARGENTINA LOST THE WORLD CUP. WHAT. THE. HECK. I told my comp in the mtc when we found out: "alright thats it. im not going anymore. im staying here." she laughed and said that was fine with her because shes staying in the mtc for a while cause of her transfers being messed up. But alas im here anyways and its great!

So the flight down more or less kinda sucked. I was smack in the middle of the plane for 10 hours and slept on and off and it was dark and there was turbulance and yeah. I was basically in this weird state between being awake and asleep and it was kinda dreamy. Weird. Anyways then we had customs and all this other fun stuff and long story short basically lost a night of sleep.... WHoop. so yeah. But the first day in Argentina was FANTASTIC (besides being deathly tired). We got to go to the cathedral where the current pope is from and see the casa rosa and everything else that if you search buenos aires argentina those pictures pop up on the internet. We then got to go to the site where south america was dedicated for missionary work (20+ years ago) and where earlier this year argentina was dedicated. super cool. then to the mission home for a discourse on everything and lunch (we were STARVING) and it was soooo good. holy cow. empanadas are my FAVORITE. Then we got our companions and my companion is Hermana Keith! shes from ogden utah and speaks english! thank the heavens. although we try not to. 

So about the country and my mission. So my mission includes the city of buenos aires! yessss. so great. we call it capital (pronounced cahp-ee-tall). Were basically the smallest mission in s america but we have the same amount of people haha. it supposably takes about 3 hours to get from one end of the mission to the other. super tiny. so yeah. 

I´m currently in an area called san fernando. It looks kinda like europe (based off movies and pictures) but a lot more run down and a lot dirtier. A lot of the roads down here are cobble stone (?) brick ish stony yeah... and very uneven. THERE ARE DOGS EVERYWHERE. Just walking around in the street trying to get food from the trashbags out for collection. Super crazy. BUt all the dogs just do what they want haha its kinda funny. 

The people here are super nice. They always greet you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek even if they have just met you. (we shake the hands of the men though). its kinda different cause a lot have gates around their house or whatnot and no doorbell so we stand outside the gate and clap and say hola and then someone comes out to greet/talk to us. The members are so great and we almost always have a member with us when we´re not in the apartment. Super awesome. 

the work down here is great. President Ayre told us on the first day and i see it to be true that the work is super fast down here. There are so many people that are ready for the gospel. Our goal is to meet them, invite to be baptized first encounter and 3 weeks later they are baptised, thats how ready they are. It is crazy but so awesome. You have to work so hard but it is great. My first full day was great and the lessons were great. But because the work is moving so fast here if they don´t have a date or arent progressing we drop them (we try to teach each person every day). We don´t tract but get a lot of references and street contacts. The members are so supportive and always go with us for lessons. 

THe spanish is good. Not coming along as fast as i could have hoped (and i mean like overnight haha) but its going faster than it would with the Lords help. I understand quite a bit but speak less. 

The area that im in the water is drinkable but i use a filter anyways cause im used to american water haha. BUT the shower water is cold. well fluctuates from lukewarm to pretty hot I find myself praying in the shower a lot for the water to be hot haha. also we wash all of our clothes by hand! 

The food is AMAZING and dulce de leche is definitely my weakness. Heaven help me. Also, IT IS SO COLD DOWN HERE. we almost always are wearing our heavy winter coats and always when were outside. I went from 100 degrees in provo to who knows what down here. (i cant remember and if i did they always tell me in celcius...) Oh back to food. so down here lunch is their big meal so instead of going to members houses for dinner we go for lunch! Its the best! Oh man the food is so good. Then we don´t eat dinner cause we just have lessons and its great valuable time to teach so yeah. i usually carry a snack with me. 

anyways thats all i can think about for now! Hope your week is well! ill take more notes and write more about things down here next week! love you all!

with love
hermana ostler

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