Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 4 in the Provo MTC

So last week on wednesday we got a new district! and we got another this week on wednesday too (although we havent met the newest) 14 new elders and NO SISTERS. Like what. so we have 8 sisters in our zone and almost 20 elders. holy cow. its insane. but the newest district is really fun. half of them are straight out of high school. you can totally tell. haha but theyre all really good guys. 
Also fun story: so im in the mtc choir and we perform on tuesday nights as part of devotional (all 500+ of us). so we go and rehearse on tuesday night before devo and somehow a BAT got into the multipurpose room. It was flying around and all the missionaries were just gone. the poor choir director. finally they caught it and the tenor section all cheered because they got to see it. 
*side note*Meanwhile our district leader just cut an apple in half by putting his index finger on the top of it and smashing his head into his finger. YAY SCIENCE! 
So this week i learned the importance of following promptings. so on thursday we were teaching an "investigator" (one of our teachers) and we were following up on our commitments (none of which he kept) and he started making excuses for why he didn't follow through with them while in all the previous lessons he was super interested and outside of the lessons out teacher had told us "COMMIT HIM TO DO SOMETHING! he wants the gospel! you have him in the palm of your hands!". so as we kept following up with each commitment i felt like i should do something about them and ask him why he wasn't keeping them and such but my companion was just moving on with the lesson so i just went along with it. so we kept going and i kept feeling to go back but didn't want to throw anything off then finally our teacher/investigator said to stop/pause the lesson cause it wasnt going super well and he just wasn't very receptive of anything we were saying. then he was like so how is he? then when we responded he basically told us to do everything that I had felt prompted to do. naturally. needless to say i wont be ignoring those thoughts/promptings again. it was a really good eye opener for me.
now an update on my "progressing investigators" the couple who we think are real investigators. so this week we only have the wife to teach through the TRC assignment. so we taught her the restoration the other day and i recited the first vision (yes; by memory and in spanish) and it was SO powerful and we invited her to pray about it and she said she would! it was great. we have also been talking with her about baptisms and baptisms for the dead and the spirit world and everything and how everyone has a chance to receive the gospel and she loved that! so then today we were teaching the husband (cause we have that time set up to teach them originally when we contacted them before the trc assignment) we told him about baptism and were on the subject for the whole lesson and told him what we told his wife and he loved it too because of all the things we had told him and because of people in his life who had passed on who he was worried about. so then hes like what do i need to do to feel like this all the time and for everything that you have taught me. so im like first you need to be baptised and recieve the gift of the holy ghost and im sitting there like I NEED TO COMMIT HIM TO BAPTISM! but then he went into talking about how he felt about certain things in his life and then all of the sudden he was like so when can we meet next? and im like NOOO we cant leave now! so then i was like wait before you leave... then asked him if he would be baptised and he said "i think i will, because of the spirit i feel when we meet and because of what you have taught me. this feels right. so yes. i think so. thank you sister ostler." I DIED. it was so great. but yeah. its been such a great week with our investigators and overall in the MTC! 

until next week!
with love,
Hermana Ostler

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