Thursday, June 26, 2014


Oh man, this week has been so great! yeah i probably start out all my letters this way but i don't even care because its true :) haha

So sundays are always super great cause its one of the days we have devotionals which are fantastic and we get to watch church movies and talks or whatever after so yeah. but so last week we watched the movie "legacy" and let me tell you it was so bad. every kiss or romance part with the main character become a huge deal. haha missionaries are so immature hahahah like the movie Its basically the chick flick of the mtc. but then this past sunday (almost a week ago) sister janice kapp perry (who wrote all the best primary songs like childs prayer, im trying to be like jesus, love is spoken here, etc) came and was giving a devo on sunday. so her husband spoke first and hes not in the best health but super cute old guy and they are the CUTEST OLD COUPLE EVER. like real life carl and ellie. so she gets up and is giving her talk and started talking about her life story and was talking about how they met and she was like we were in a clarinet class at byu and were sitting waiting for our final where we had to perform a piece to pass off a requirement. so shes like "i was sucking on the reed to get it soft to play well then he taps me on the shoulder and i turned and snapped 'what?' and he said 'those lips look like they should be doing something better than that' and then he tried to KISS ME!" the MTC errupted meanwhile her husband jumps out of his seat on the stand and walks as fast as he could over to her and gives her a kiss (all moving way faster than he probably should, ive never seen an old guy move that fast) this all made the missionaries go wild. it was hilarious. in the words of an elder in our zone "well we basically just saw him make out with his wife on stage in the middle of her talk." but besides that it was probably one of the best devo's so far here. because she wrote all this AMAZING songs we as an mtc sang an arrangement of a bunch of them. but the best was that at the end we had our closing song but she wrote army of helaman and sisters in zion so essentially the efy medley BUT after the age change she rewrote the lyrics to sisters in zion for the missionaries (for example it starts: the sisters in zion are called to gods labor; and the third verse is: we go forth enlisted in helamans army) so we sang this new and improved version of the efy medley basically the missionary medley it should be and it was so powerful then all the missionaries stood up it was sooooo powerful. 

Also this week we got to take this language assessment where we record us answering questions in spanish and stuff so at the beginning it has us recite a scripture in english from memory and one of the elders in our district was at this part and his companion was watching him and he turns to his companion who replies "well say something!" cause it was recording and he turns back to the computer and says "Jesus wept" we all about died. (for those of you who don't know thats the shortest scripture in all of the scriptures. 

so fun things about spanish. so there are a lot of really similar words especially words that have to do with fish and gospel terms that are close to that. for example in a lesson i was saying that if you pray you will feel peace and the word for that in spanish is paz but i accidently said pez which means fish... i said it then remembered the difference and fixed it but it was still really funny also pecado means sin and pescado means fish that you eat... also bad if you mix it up. but i am getting better and remembering which is which on the fly which is good. other than that my spanish is coming along really well. 

also were all "following" the world cup (perks of being spanish speaking) cause all our teachers are watching it and tell us what happened VIVA ARGENTINA! they also post scores on the white board outside the mess hall haha

and last but not least so the investigators that we came in to contact with and were like 95% sure that theyre real actual investigators. they get so emotional during our lessons and they can TOTALLY feel the spirit! they tell us this like every time we meet and theyre like we love that you guys teach us cause you guys have the spirit so strong and it doesnt seem like just a lesson and you guys really care about us! (this was coming out of that we met with them and they told us how they were so concerned about their daughter and we came back the next visit with a scripture for them to help them and they loved it and were surprised that we were thinking about them and their problems) it is so great teaching them even if they arent real investigators (some are and some arent) also its super crazy cause we ususally teach them on thursdays but this week we had something every day in the trc (teaching resource center) and we go in every day and teach a "progressing investigator" and guess what? we got her! coincidence? I THINK NOT! also since we have one less companionship than they had investigators her husband had no one teaching him so we got to teach him too! oh man so cool.

anyways thats pretty much my week!
love you all!

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