Friday, June 20, 2014

Email de Hermana Ostler

MAN I LOVE THE MTC. Like honestly. missions are sooooooo great. 

So first thing, last week on p-day by chance my comp and i were walking to check out some music for a musical number and we were in pday clothes and this couple with gold nametags (gold nametags are "investigators" that you can set up an apt with and practice teaching outside the class and may or maynot be members of the church) were like "Hey! are you guys missionaries?" and were like yeah! whats up!? and long story short 4 other sister missionaries were supposed to come and give them a tour around the church building on west campus. so we were like oh we can show you! but apparently we arent allowed to give tours and stuff cause there are other classes going on during that time so we ended up just talking outside about the church and answering questions. then they were like oh can we meet with you again? and after freaking out in our minds we were like yeah of course! and we met with them again today. were 95% sure theyre actually non members cause when they were asking questions about their life and we were giving answers they got really really emotional. and today even though we had an actual lesson planned ended up just answering questions again (which was probably good cause they probably get all the lessons at least 3 times a week) but after they were like thanks so much we love talking to you, youre so relateable and you answer truthfully and from your heart and youre not trying to act like your selling us anything and we can really feel the spirit when were with you. it was so awesome! Its so amazing how much happiness the gospel can bring into people's lives. they also asked at the beginning why we were missionaries and how we felt about our missions and i was like oh man i am so happy! its just such a happy message and i am so happy that i could share it with others its amazing. Its something that has changed my life and made it better and i want everyone i meet to feel the same way i do.

Next, so we have this thing called the TRC and its basically where you go every once in a while and share a spiritual message with someone (this time around it was a member of the church) and it was such an amazing experience! The first person we met with was so cool and she was so sweet. I had read a scripture earlier and though that i should keep it marked and ended up sharing it with her. even though i felt like i didnt know what i was really saying about it, she really felt the spirit and we had a great spiritual meeting with her. the spirit was so strong!

ALSO, I love devotionals. then again i have since i was at BYUI but these are so great here. This week on sunday we had Sister Sheri Dew come and she was amazing. On tuesday an apostle strikes the mtc again! ELder M Russell Ballard came and his message was beyond unbelievable. Its a must look up. it might be online i don't know but it was broadcast to the other mtcs in the world. AND i know for a fact that i was on camera with my companion in the choir. The choral number was so great and beautiful as well. so yeah look it up. it was a great program. Also, for the record I called it before anyone even thought it was going on because before they made all the announcements about devotional changes for next tuesday I called it that the prophet is coming to speak next week. just throwing it out there. Super stoked. we don't know for sure but im pretty sure. i said it first. just sayin. also I will be looking for president and sister mortensen starting on the 21st! ive already seen their picture floating around as one of the new mission presidents (might have weirded out the sister at the front desk a little because of it but oh well) but im super stoked to see more familiar faces :) 

another thing i learned this week just within happenings around the mtc and things is that its never too late to repent. heavenly father is loving and will forgive you, you just need to take the steps to do it. the atonement is there for you because heavenly father and jesus christ KNOW that you will make mistakes but still love you. It is the greatest part of his plan that you can be made clean again through him. 

anyways.... thats all for now! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

te quiero mucho
hermana ostler

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