Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hermana Ostler's First Email (Part 1)

Hola a mi familia y mi amigos!
HOLY COW A MISSION IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER!!! Like i don't think you all understand. I seriously wanted to email after the first night just to tell you how great it is! 
First off: the language. So basically spanish is the BEST. It is so crazy how much the spirit brings back to your remembrance. Like i remember so much from those 3 years of spanish that i would have thought i never would have remembered. Also, the gift of tongues is REAL. Honestly, best thing ever. Like i constantly think in spanish or spanglish and it is SUPER trippy. and when we teach lessons it is so weird cause like if you don't know how to say exactly what you want to in spanish you can ususally find simpler words to say instead. It is so insane. 
My district: MY DISTRICT IS THE BEST. We call ourselves "that district" cause were pretty sure everyone hates us cause were always loud and laughing and making each other laugh. But then we can all get super spiritual and its so ahmazing. But yeah its great because we all spend 14+ hours together just in the classroom. haha we have basically broken down every barrier that there is. we talk about EVERYTHING. My companion is so great. Her name is Hermana Medina and shes from Napa and is going to texas. we get along amazingly and have so much fun together along with the other hermanas. The other 2 hermanas in my district are great. hermana cannon is from Connecticut and is going to the WASHINGTON KENNEWICK MISSION. Like what the heck. kinda jealous. hahaha but its ok im excited for Argentina. maybe a bit too excited. haha. speaking of. 3 of the 4 elders in my district are going to the same mission! and i have met no hermanas going there... oh well. ANyways.... oh yeah. and then the rest of our district is like oh my gosh your companionship knows so much spanish and were like uhhh. then when we talk to other people like in intermediate and advanced classes they think were advanced cause we understand everything and speak really good spanish. LOL then theyre like wut? youre in beginning and only a first week? ITs great. but probably not for my pride haha. then also its super weird cause everyone is like your gospel insights are so great and you kknow like all the scripture references so whenever they have a question they come to me and im like uhhh then find it. YAY FOR SEMINARY. Like its crazy to realize how much i have learned in the youth program that is applicable here. Its fantastic. Like i am so grateful for my seminary teachers and everything cause i learned so much and now apparently im a walking bible dictionary. not really. but yeah. 
Another great thing is we have devotionals on sundays and tuesdays and this tuesday elder cook came and spoke! IT was great! so inspiring. 
Anyways i should go now! I love you all!

Hermana Ostler :D

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