Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hola! (Part 2)

Ok so more stuff yay! so one of the people in my district reminds me of bobby from college. its so funny. except he isn't a die hard broncos fan. haha but it was funny cause he knows zero spanish and is trying really hard and one day in class he asked for a conjugation chart for a word so i wrote it on the board and then he was like thanks for the conjutives! it was hilarious. 
the food here is great. its basically byu cannon center food. oh its also super great cause im at west campus and it is all spanish speakers/learners so we can all just talk to eachother in spanish but when we go to main campus for devotional and whatnot its super awkward cause were all thinking and speaking in spanish and then theres a bunch of people who arent spanish up there so were like hola! que tal? and theyre like uh what? and its super weird seeing people with non spanish nametags haha 
Its also super weird cause i don't feel overwhelmed or scared or nervous or terribly in competent. its super weird. i feel like im doing something wrong cause im just like yeah im chillin while everyone is like oh my gosh this is insane so much to learn. it may be just cause im like it will come when it does as long as i work hard. there are so many amazing people here and everyone works so hard and is so happy. I got to go to the temple today and it was so great. its amazing how much you feel the spirit there. Its also super weird cause like everyone here is super good friends and you just want to give everyone a hug cause theyre a great person or high five them when something good happens but all we can do is shake hands... but oh well. its probably a good thing. so whenever were playing a game during gym and we do something good we shake hands haha its great. anyways i think thats all for now! ill write it all down next week so i actually know what i want to say next week. thanks guys!
hermana ostler

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