Friday, July 11, 2014


HOLA! This week has again been fantastic! The Fourth of July was a party! We woke up and got out of the apartment to find the sky filled with hot air balloons! My comp was super excited because its just like that in Napa. We then proceeded to have breakfast and classes and what not which was eh cause class on a holiday haha BUT we did get to sing in english because all of the patriotic songs arent translated into spanish for the spanish hymn book. go figure. so yeah that was fun. But THEN we got out of classes early and went to a special fourth of july devotional at the chapel here in west campus (they broadcasted this one from main campus where usually we get bussed over to main campus for devotionals) which was super awesome and there were a bunch of musical numbers and a speaker and it was amazing. Then they were like ok so now were going to watch 17 Miracles and that was so SUPER awesome and such a neat experience with the environment that im in and it was such a cool spiritual experience. After that the mtc president was like "well since you guys have been so good tonight, we've just received word that sister carrie underwood just ended her show and theyre about to start the fireworks and there is ice cream waiting outside for you." so we all charged the doors and we had a GREAT view of the fireworks. It was so good, in fact, that there were a bunch of kids and their parents sitting on a hill by where we were (my comp and i went to join them cause it was an even better view) and soon the MTC president and his wife showed up (the people were their kids and grandkids) so obviously if the MTC president and wife show up and their kids are there you know its better than the main campus MTC. ALSO I would like everyone to know that I have not broken my record of "seeing someone wearing an Angels Baseball shirt on the fourth of july" just because i wasn't in southern california. One of the Nally's grandkids was wearing one and i may have flipped out a little bit cause it was like a piece of home :P So then we went home (WAY past our missionary bedtime) and that was my fourth of july! It was great.
Then sunday was a BLAST (besides having to say goodbye to a district we had been with for 5 weeks). But so on thursday night after pday ended we were all sitting in our classroom studying like the good missionaries we are and we hear through the door a radio (like a police or security radio) outside our class. It was going off for like 30 seconds so we started to get a bit concerned but then this security guard walks in and asks for me and my comp, the other 2 sisters in our district, and one of the elders. So were like uh yeah thats us then he hands us these little envelopes and leaves. So were like ok thats kinda weird. So we open them and they said we were performing on sunday night for the entire MTC for devotional. So were like WAIT WHAT. We had auditioned a 4 part piece + piano and violin of I Need Thee Every Hour (the Sally DeFord arrangement; pretty sure the northwood ward has sung it before) but thought we wouldn't make it so just kinda did it for fun then performed it for sacrament meeting in our branch. So we were shocked and amazed then were like ohhh we should probably get that together and get it performance ready.... so we did and performed it on sunday! It was crazy cause it was a huge gym full of missionaries and the spirit was so strong and it was the best we had ever done on the piece and you could really feel the spirit. We were all so grateful for the talents we had been given and the opportunity we had to share them. So that was just one part. In the morning we had a mission conference (again broadcasted from main campus) where the whole MTC presidency and their wives spoke. Such an uplifting meeting and they talked about so many changes that had been made to missionary work in the new mission presidents' seminar that had a lot to do with things concerning new converts and how missionaries were to stay involved with them so that was cool. We also had a fast and testimony meeting in our branch which included a lot of "yo sé que..." but was so great to hear everyone simple but powerful testimonies. Such a great meeting. Oh. Also me an my companion are sister training leaders here in our zone! super fun except for the fact that its our companionship and the other 2 sisters in my zone haha. (basically its like being zone leaders with a little less responsability) but yeah we currently have 4 sisters and 17 elders in our zone at the moment haha.
Welp now were to MY LAST WEEK IN EL CCM (MTC)! After a bit of a scare with my FBI clearance for one of my visas I will OFFICIALLY be leaving the country for the next 16.5 months! I cant believe it! Speaking of, ARGENTINA IS IN THE FINALS OF THE WORLD CUP! VIVA ARGENTINA! I swear if they lose to Germany... So sad. Pero, esta bien. But just saying it would be SUPER BIEN if they won the world cup while i was on my mission cause it would be cool to tell people. Just saying. But yeah. So on monday we got to do another (our second) skype session where we get to practice our spanish skills (or lack thereof) with a native so this time we got to skype with a member in ARGENTINA! It was SO cool. She was the sweetest and it was super cool cause shes in school to be an english translator major. Super awesome. Also on monday morning one of our teachers was like ITS YOUR LAST WEEK! Then gave us a scripturally based "you still need to work hard" and said that the last week is when you need to work your hardest cause thats when it really counts the most and miracles can happen. So i get this little nudging in my mind after he promised us that, that i should suggest that we speak all in spanish this week so i suggested it to our district and the teacher was like yeah you should! and the rest of the missionaries were like uhhh... but then they all agreed, so yeah. We're now ESPANOL ONLY (until saturday and excluding gym and when were around people who don't understand spanish cause thats rude and kinda mean). THEN like an hour later my companion goes to use the restroom and comes back poking her head around the corner into the room and starts talking in english and were all like "QUE?! ESPANOL SOLAMENTE!" and shes like "I know, but um this is kinda an emergency... the toilet has flooded" so we all kinda laughed and ran down the hall to go look, our teacher first and the elders just stayed put and sure enough the floor is covered in water and our teachers like "ohhhhhh. no es bueno....." while stepping around the water then turns down the hall toward our classroom and yells "ELDERES! ELDERES! AYUDAME, AYUDAME!" and there was a collective groan and laugh and they came down and started to mop up the water with us. such a sight. and so funny. 
Other than that its just been BLAZING hot here in provo. Were all about to die. BUT no need to fear, once i go down to argentina it will be winter! (hey i wonder if down there they that all the birds fly north for the winter...) but yeah i'll try not to melt before i leave. Also note that i DON'T have to be up super early for my flight (like most other foreign flights), I only have to be at the bus at 6AM cause my flight out is at 11! YEAH~! I have already planned with my zone leaders (the two of the who are in my district are also going to my mission) to get cafe rio in the airport for the last time in a year and a half cause theyre going to be my companions for 24 hours while travelling.... not sure whether or not to be excited about that. (this is happening cause the 3 of us are in a travel group with no one else and im the only sister; don't worry its allowed). So I'll see you all on the other side of the world!
Peace out America, its been real. 
With love,
Hermana Ostler

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