Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fried Fish

So my times really short right now cause were going somewhere for pday so im just including something that is a story from this week that i really liked. it has to to with standing in holy places because the choices you make now will determine the rest of your life. This week we had a stake primary activity where the primary kids were missionaries. In the opening part of the meeting there was a speaker who gave advice to them about how to prepare for a mission and he shared this which i loved. (side note milanesa is a typical food down here and it is meat covered in bread crumbs and then fried) "I was in my 20s and in the military going to a formal dance and my parents were cooking fish milanesa in the kitchen for dinner. I was all ready to go. I had my uniform on, hair neat and tidy, I looked perfect. I walked into the kitchen to where they were cooking the fried fish to tell them good bye then left. Later at the dance, I was having a great time when the girl i was with asked ´gustavo, you smell like fried fish, what did you have for dinner?´ embarrased, I remember saying goodbye to my parent and being in the kitchen for less than 30 seconds. 30 seconds! I didnt even touch the fish, yet i reeked of the fried fish and everyone knew. even if you are in the place or doing something for 30 seconds, it will change your life." now in spanish the word for fish (pescado) is very similar to the word for sin (pecado). Sometimes things that cause you to sin look like fun or delicious "fried" if you will. It looks good. Looks like fun, but it smells. BAD. Remember that the things you do now will change your life. 
And heres a last piece of advice, also from the same speaker at this priamary event talking about starting a new chapter in life, making some changes: start a new chapter in your life today. start it praying. 
Its so true! Miracles happen. If you work hard through trials you will be blessed! Be patient! 

Love you all!
Love hermana ostler

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