Friday, December 12, 2014

Its not about the missionaries.

Ohhhhh where do i even start! So this week we had a baptism. He is soooo great and have literally seen such a change in him. The missionaries have been teaching him off and on for about the past year and apparently just about every hermana who has passed through the area has wanted to baptize him. He knows soooo much about the gospel. Probably about as much as a normal seminary student who was born in the church. Maybe more. Anyways, so we have been trying to get him to accept a date for the past 2 months while we have been teaching his family (his mom was baptized a few weeks ago) and he has put just about any excuse in the book. So we have a family home evening with another peruvian family to help them have more friends in church and the dad shared his testimony which was so awesome. We then had to go home cause curfew for missionaries but they stayed for another 2 hours! We woke up to a text from the dad saying that our now convert wants to get baptized! We went to talk to him the next day and he wanted to get baptized this sunday! It was such a miracle. The whole week instead of being shy and closed off he was so happy and excited! It was amazing. He is so great! 
The amazing thing i learned was that its NOT ABOUT THE MISSIONARIES. We do NOTHING. Seriously. We run around like chickens with our heads cut off, doing our best and the lord does the rest. Usually through the members. The members make the difference. ESPECIALLY IN FINDING AND MAKING FRIENDS. Our testimony only does so much because as missionaries were in a bubble and are only so relatable. The members on the other hand make the difference.
Other awesome thing about the baptism is that his older brother baptised him! His brother joined the church about a year ago and now got to baptize his brother before leaving on a trip to peru this week! What an awesome experience. 
Other side note on the whether side of things. Minus yesterday when it was raining, ITS STARTING TO BECOME SUMMER HERE!!!!! AHHHHHH. And that means that the sun comes to be right over one of the biggest holes in the ozone in the world! Whooooo! Hot and humid here i come! But its all good. Im drinking lots of water :)
Anyways thats all i can think about to write right now! Love you all!
hermana ostler

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