Wednesday, December 24, 2014

So the day has (almost) come! Its almost christmas! How crazy!!!! My companion and I keep thinking about the hawaiian christmas song (mele kelikimaka or something like that) because its so hot down here! Well it has rained the past 2 days but besides that.... But yeah. It almost doesnt seem like christmas is so near but it is! 

So i guess Ill just share some thoughts about christmas. 
Christmas is a time of JOY. Whenever I think of christmas, I think of people smiling and having fun. Take this time during christmas to be with your family and have some fun! Laugh, make jokes, enjoy each others company. 

Ok im just going to skip to the chase cause this letter is already all over the place. Its ChristMÁS or in spanish more christ! He is the first gift. He is Love. He is the Christ, and he came to this earth for US because God loves us. REMEMBER HIM! Through Him we can do anything. Through Him I can live with my family again, forever. Through Him, I can be forgiven and find peace. Through Him, I have true happiness. And through Him, SO CAN YOU! Remember the baby in bethlehem, but not just when he was a baby. He still lives! 

I know this hasnt been my greatest letter ever but my thoughts are just all over the place and there are so many about christmas that i cant organize them. Just know that I love CHRISTMAS AND I LOVE CHRIST! 

love always
Hermana OStler

ps. heres the christmas card from hermana ostler and hermana christensen from the núñez ward in buenos aires argentina! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS! FELIZ NAVIDAD!

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