Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Accompany the Missionaries!

Helloooo to all! Hope your week was great! Mine has been!

After our baptism last week we were able to put a date with his older sister for this coming weekend! Shes so great and really has had a change of heart! Our convert also has been such a stud. Has started to accompany us.... well not really. We have started to accompany HIM. He has such a desire to share the gospel with his friends, family, neighbors, and even the people who he barely knows! He always says that "after you have felt something so great like the light and happieness that the gospel brings, you want to share it" what a stud! Two days after his confirmation he said in a meeting with some of his friends that he would bet his life that joseph smith was called as a prophet. It was sooo powerful and had me close to tears. The people really see his example and is a powerful example to everyone, members and non members. 

When we were walking (my companion and i in shock), he asked us why we were shocked that he was sharing witheveryone and I told him that missionaries spend their entire missions trying to get members to share the gospel with their friends because thats where the best conversion comes from is the members. He told me "yeah but to be emberrassed to share the gospel is to be emberrassed to enter the celestial kingdom." i thought wow thats harsh but then thought some more and although he probably doesnt realize it he said something pretty profound. If we will all see our friends, family, loved ones, and even people that we just know or shared the gospel with in the celestial kingdom, and we didnt share it with anyone, we WILL wind up there alone. That WOULD be a bit emberrassing.

I guess just some thoughts. Anywyas hope you all have a great week! 

Hermana ostler

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