Monday, August 10, 2015

This week has been full of rain and out here in the province of Buenos Aires we have been experiencing a bit of flooding and extreme conditions, especially in the more humble parts of our area. (The picture of me soaked explains that)

We had a week a bit out of the norm with 3 meetings, 2 exchanges, and 1 normal day to work. WHooo! But its been awesome to see all of the miracles that the lord has been providing for us. In one of our meetings that we had this week (a leadership meeting) an hermana was talking about the miracles that they were seeing in their area and the story behind it and she said that "its amazing. the lord moves the whole world so that in the end we see a beautiful miracle in our area." it is so true. its like the people magically show up because the lord dumps them in our path but a lot of the time we really dont realize what happened to get them there. I think that every life is a giant miracle that we see but a lot of times we dont recognize it. Its amazing to be a part of. 

Also during exchanges this week i was able to work with 2 newer hermanas in the mission who are so awesome. THey are huge examples to me of love and light and how to convey the love and light of Jesus Christ to those around me. I love it!

Thats basically it for this week!

Hermana Ostler

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