Monday, August 17, 2015

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways

Well after a relatively mild winter we finally got a cold front! It has been rainy and cold and windy all week which has made working here in provincia super fun. With mud, mud, puddles and more mud. haha But it has been fun!

This week has been another fun week of out of the norm activities, with exchanges (planned), more exchanges which were unplanned which included a quick trip to san fernando, during that day i took just about 9 different busses round trip. WHOO. Basically im dead tired.

Something that struck me from this week was that someone said that the lord only gives us things that we need. I started to think about this a little bit because i realized that the lord not only gives us blessings but also our trials. And it reminded me that we all need trials in our lives, otherwise we would never learn anything. So when the lord gives us trials its something that we need, especially for a learning experience.

Other than that, we had a baptism this week! Hes a great kid (16 years old) and he really was looking for something to fill his life. He said that to join a church he wants to see a change in his life, although there was nothing huge that he needed to change. After beginning to read the book of mormon and pray though he did see a night and day change in his attitude and happiness. It was amazing to see his process of conversion the last few weeks and in the end his baptism. He said he didnt feel too different and i thought hmm thats weird but then realized that the conversion was already there. He had truly repented and had only completed the process. It was a great weekend.

WElp thats it for this week! love you all!

hermana ostler

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