Monday, March 30, 2015

The Joys of Being a Mother

Well, its official. 6 of my 7 companions on the mission have been greengas! My poor accent! Oh well. There must be a reason for it.
That being said, Im officially a mom in the mission! Haha Hermana Sommers is so awesome. She is from Ohio, and shes into theatre too! Who knew? oh wait god knew. ok well maybe shes a more seriotype theatre person than i am but you know she was an actor what are you going to do. But she has NO FEAR. If i look at her she will literallly just start talking and testifying even if she doesnt understand whats going on. She is a convert and has such a burning desire to share the gospel with EVERYONE! she is so fun and is so loving! She makes me want to do my best all the time. Its been interesting reliving my first few weeks in the country with her, because she helps remind me that this country is a lot different than the states. I am so excited to be with her this transfer and help her adjust to the mission life! Because lets be real, the mtc is NOT mission life. haha
Anyways thats about it for now.. thanks everyone for all your support! love you all!
love herman a ostler

Email before this one - Im having a kid!
Wow this week has been a long one. It went by extremely fast but was very surreal. With the passing of Suhene it started off a bit rough but it has been a great learning experience. It took me out of the normal mission life and made everything seem so surreal. I learned so many things that I couldnt have learned any other way, by living what I am teaching. Children learn by doing right mom? After all of that settled down I got a call from the aps telling me that I am training. WHHHATTTT. Well i finished someones training last transfer but now Im starting it. Straight out of the MTC. ahhhhh,. so crazy. So well see what happens with that. Its crazy to think about how far i have come so far in my mission. Im sitting here in san fernando waiting for the newbes to arrive and it just brings me back to the beginning. Again, surreal. Life just keeps moving on faster and faster. Catch the train and stay on. 

love you all!

hermana ostler

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