Monday, March 30, 2015

The Plan of Happiness

Well after the past 24 hours i dont really remember much of what happened this week. Theres not too much to say about it anyways. 
These last 24 hours has made me reflect a lot about the lessons we teach and has really helped strenthen my testimony. One of my best friends down here, suhene, passed away today. We baptized her and her mom back in january. I got a call last night from my companion who is still in the area and surprisingly I already knew what she was going to tell me (due to other things that had happened). Ive been in the hospital all day and in the end they pulled it all and she passed peacefully. Its made me think a lot about the plan of salvation. I really know it is the plan of happiness and that she is in a better place now, even though we have to cancel plans we had made for the future. I guess well just have to do it in the next life. :) Her mom told me that she knew that Suhene is now watching over me in my mission because she loved me and was always concerned about me. That made me really happy. I know that her spirit lives on and I feel so at peace with everything that happened. I am so greatful for the knowledge of the gospel that I have and the hope of seeing her again when we meet at Jesus feet. 
Im going to finish this message now because the power cut last week before i sent it. haha I have had a lot of time to reflect on the Plan of Happiness this past week. I know that it is truly the perfect plan of our heavenly father that we can see our loved ones after this life. I am so happy that i had the opportunity to find her and be with her during this journey and i am at peace about where she is now. I am actually extremely happy for her that she can be doing so much good in the next life. 

hope everything is well with everyone!
hermana ostler

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