Friday, June 26, 2015

Hey, Its Cold Outside

Whelp, as i have hit and passed my year mark, I am starting to repeat the weather that I experienced last year when I first got here, AND MAN IT IS COLD. Holy hannah. Although I would venture to say that its even worse here because were right next to a river. WHoooo. But ya know, I have never been so glad for fleece lined leggings in my life. And at least my nose hairs dont freeze like in rexburg. Haha

Other than that it has been a pretty chill week and quite possibly the longest week 1 in my mission but ya know so is life. But the good thing is is that it looks like its gonna be a great transfer! 

Sorry its short but im not exactly sure what to say and not too much happened this week haha

Hermana Ostler

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