Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Gospel is Service

Well this week has been really mellow. We thought that hermana vargas was going to leave but as it turns out shes staying! i guess im going to be in zarate for a bit longer haha 
This week we had a lot of fun and a lot of errands to run haha The bed bugs have returnedddddd! 
Something that has been a recent topic that we have been talking about for some reason is charity and service. I really like that people have been talking about doing things out of love for their fellow man and serving those who need it. It would be so simple to fix so many problems everywhere if we had more love for everyone, no matter what. The topic of the email is 'the gospel is service' Its what a member told us yesterday when we were at her house. She was talking about how she loves that when she doesnt feel very well or is sick or has problems she still moves on with life and magnifies her calling, visits the people who need it and so on. She says that every time she does that she not only feels good but she realizes that she forgets about her own problems and theyre a lot easier to deal with. I feel like if everyone did that, we would have zion. one heart and one mind. I guess one of the reasons why Chirst has always had 'his church' is so that we can minister to eachother and serve. Its all good to worship God on your own and not have a church setting but we are here to serve one another and do what christ did when he was on the earth. Thats how were true disciples of Jesus Christ.

I guess thats food for thought for this week haha
love you all!
hermana ostler

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