Monday, June 8, 2015

What is Time?

Well this week has been one of the craziest weeks of my mission doing meticulous things. Heres a general play by play:
Monday: Pday in San Pedro. We got home and worked for the 3 hours after. 
Tuesday: Consejo de Lideres. Including: waking up at 4:45, travelling 3 hours to San Fernando, participating in a mind blowing meeting of the leaders of the mission about how to work more efficiently, eating lunch, and travelling home for 3 hours; during the which we found out that one of the hermanas was really sick with a fever of over a 101 because her body was fighting off a huge case of BED BUG BITES. Yes bed bugs. Which bites we had realized that my companion has too. So after calling them, the offices and a bunch of other people. We decided that we had to wash ALL of our clothes in a laundromat, and fumigate our apartment. We also had a zone meeting the next day and wanted the companion of the sick hermana to be there so were going to do emergency divisions. So we get home at 6:30 pack up all our clothes, blankets, sheets etc and send it to the laundromat (note we have about 13 blankets for when the hermanas visit). Then start looking for a fumigation bomb. With no luck and about 20 minutes til the last bus leaves for where the hermanas live, we call a taxi to take us there. It shows up WAY late and we miss the bus by LITERALLY 2 seconds. No joke. We go home and prepare for the zone meeting the next day. 
Wednesday: Zone Meeting. It was awesome. Then we went and ate as a zone which is always wayyyy fun. We got ice cream and went home to plan and call the hermanas. We then went on our search to make a copy of our keys and find a fumigation bomb. It was an adventure to say the least. Finally found the bomb and got about 2 hours of work. 
Thursday: Fumigation day. We were supposed to plan this day but we had to prep our house to be fumigated. We brought all our food to the elders apartment (yes we trusted them enough to do it) and put our matresses in a more efficient position in the living room. Set off the bomb and left for the day. Our member cancelled and we spent about our 2 hours to work tracking down members on the list who just about everyone had moved then went to our apartment to open it up to let it air out, bought some cake to celebrate my year mark and then went to our coordination meeting. 
Friday: we actually planned, which weirdly took pretty long and worked for the rest of the day
Saturday: Worked (finally) all of the day. Sum up of the week til now. were tired have no investigators and frustrated.
Sunday: Walking to church praying for a miracle, not excited to write president the next day that we still after 5 weeks have nothing. Show up to church and in the middle of the prayer someone comes in and sits next to my companion (im in front cause i had to lead the music) i had no idea who it was (i thought it was a less active) then in the middle of the sacrament realize its someone we had contacted during the week showed up! (that never happens. ever.) I started to cry, so grateful for the miracle. Then after while we were working we began to see even more miracles happen. 

Seriously, if we wait with patience and are obedient, miracles will come!

love you all sorry its such a long letter
love hermana ostler

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